Top 5 Real Estate Postcard Ideas for Successful Realtors

 Real Estate Postcard

Postcards are among the top mail marketing ideas with a high return on investment. This approach has proven effective in generating leads and increasing the conversion rates for realtors. The best part about postcards is that they don’t use envelopes, meaning your target audience can access your message immediately.

They are also designed with captivating images that resonate with your potential customers upon contact. Integrating postcards into your mail marketing campaign can help ensure regular contact with potential and current client base. Below are a few real estate postcard ideas to help your realtor’s business stand out.

Market Update Postcards

Market update postcards are the best choice for realtors looking to generate leads and grow their listings. This postcard is designed to provide locals with updates on available listings, their value, and any relevant information to help prospects learn more about the potential value associated with buying or selling a home.

You need to create a unique template that includes a call to action encouraging your audience to contact you for more information. Market update postcards are the best choice for keeping active buyers and sellers in the loop regarding property values. These postcards provide accurate estimates and market analyses to help clients buy or sell a home.

Expired Listing Postcards

Posting a house on your listing doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell within the dates indicated. When the timeframe allocated expires, the property becomes part of your expired listings. When you send expired listing postcards to potential sellers, it’s an acknowledgment of their intention to sell and is an opportunity for you to make a sale.

With this postcard, you can regain the confidence and trust of the seller. When designing an expired listing postcard, you need to focus more on being a consultant than a sales agent since you need to come up with a solution to a problem. You need to tackle the problem that caused the house to fall under the expired listing in the first place.

Just Listed Postcards

It’s essential to keep your clients up-to-date in case you include a new property in your listing. A just listed postcard can help communicate to potential homebuyers of the new properties you have on sale. Be sure to send this postcard to your entire database, including your referrals. When designing the postcard, be sure to include the features of the property to attract potential clients and even invite them for an open house. You should also include relevant information on the market and a short description of why the deal is good for your clients and how they can buy the home.

Realtors can use this postcard to tell the local community about themselves and showcase their success. Just listed postcards help you generate new leads while maintaining contact with your current client base. To effectively sell your business, blend these postcards with older postcards. This way, you can tell your potential clients of your listings while displaying your abilities.

Just Sold Postcards

Just sold postcards are important to any real estate business. They help you communicate to your audience the properties you have sold. According to some realtors, this is one of the most important marketing approaches as it displays the realtor’s ability to deliver on their promise. This postcard is also used to display the market index and trends of the service area.

This postcard can also provide information on who is moving into the area and the median price for housing. You can leverage custom-designed postcards to inform your client base of the newly sold houses in the area; this way, clients with previous interests can look for other opportunities.

Just sold postcards are an effective way to demonstrate the real estate demand in the area while increasing your brand awareness. Making a list of properties, you have sold helps include a personal touch to your business. It also helps make your listing appear unique while highlighting your abilities as a realtor.

Holiday Postcards

Designing and sending content-related postcards to your audience is may not be the best approach all the time. Once in a while, go out of your comfort zone and design holiday postcards to commemorate special holidays in the lives of your audience. A holiday postcard brings joy to your clients and makes them feel important and part of your business, which is good for your brand reputation.

This postcard plays an essential role in bridging the connection between you and your target audience in a positive way. You need to develop a unique and personalized design to show your appreciation for your clients. Be sure to include a message of gratitude to your clients, thanking them for their continued support for your business.

Keys for Sending Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are often used by various businesses across multiple industries. However, as a realtor, you need to take a different approach when mailing your postcards. For one, postcards in the real estate industry are localized to a realtor’s service area. Here are key factors you should consider when sending your postcards.

Consistent Mailing

The real estate industry is constantly changing in terms of trends and pricing; this means you need to keep your clients informed of all current trends. Postcards can also help present your agency’s image to prospective clients, making it easy for them to relate to your brand and perceive your worth.

Use Professional Templates

As a realtor, how you present yourself and your agency plays a vital role in your lead generation and conversion rates. The type of templates you use for your postcards will help determine the kind of image your potential customers will have of your business. It’s essential to choose a template that presents a professional outlook.

Be Specific with your Mailing List

The real estate market is dynamic, with clients looking for different services. When mailing your postcards, be sure to separate your communication based on the specific information you are providing. Properly arranging your information prevents confusion, allowing you to deliver relevant information on market trends to help clients make informed decisions.


Postcards are a fun and creative way of bridging the gap between your agency and prospective customers. It’s also a good way of maintaining contact with your current client base.

With most real estate firms moving towards digital marketing, you can leverage this mail marketing strategy which has a higher potential of reaching your target audience compared to other approaches. Postcards are not cost-effective but are also easy to design and can be used to channel relevant industry information to a broad audience.

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