5 Steps To A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Just presenting your business on the Internet today is no longer enough – you need a digital strategy. The business area has split into two camps – companies already living in the digital world and companies just preparing for change. But both of them often lack consistency in this matter. Developing a corporate website, performing SEO optimization, and starting Instagram is not a digital strategy yet. A digital strategy is a plan for promoting a brand on the Internet, which describes final results for the company and the methods of their achievements. The goals of a digital strategy are the same as those of a marketing one: loyalty, increase in sales, and an influx of new customers. It implies that online marketing is cheaper than offline marketing, and the brand will invest less with more return.

Choose your own among the types of digital strategy!

From the point of view of the tasks to be solved and the approach to the choice of the tools used on the Internet, there are the following main types of digital marketing strategies:

Branding – aimed at maximum coverage of the target audience with communications from the company to increase awareness, positioning, or designate the value of the proposal;

Performance – Aimed at generating targeted traffic to the company’s Internet sites, warming up the audience to a state of the maximum readiness for purchase, and bringing it to ordering and re-purchase. An equally important element of this strategy is to optimize the cost of attracting each client;

Performance branding is a mix of the two types of strategies listed above. Within the framework of one strategic approach, the tasks of promoting the company and ensuring sales are solved.

All of them are united by the fact that with the help of information technologies, the business must effectively solve the problems of promotion to the market to achieve its goals.

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Make Your Best To Get Working Digital Marketing Strategy

Stick to the five most important steps of how to create a digital marketing strategy, and you will almost certainly be able to convert your efforts and investments into profit:

Determine and measure the KPI – this will help you understand how a particular promotion tool works. To do this, determine which performance indicators are most important for the development of your business. For example, traffic is essential for online media (the number of users who have visited the site). For an online store, conversions (the number of users who left an application or made a purchase) and the profit from them – are of great importance. For a clothing store that promotes on Instagram, reach (overall brand awareness), the number of followers, and their engagement (likes, comments) are significant. And for a company that promotes its services through a website, its position in the search results is substantial. There is no universal list of indicators by which one can assess the effectiveness of Internet marketing tools – it is momentous to understand which ones will be informative in each specific case;

Always do a careful review of your previous experiences- You can’t plan your business at random. An analysis of past successes and failures will provide an opportunity to identify the essential KPIs. Therefore, the first and second steps are best done in parallel. Choose a period for analysis (it is best to take the same season that you chose to launch your digital campaign) – for example, the previous year, quarter, or month;

Find your customers- The most substantial element in planning digital campaigns – is the people you want to attract. Your target audience should be the core of your digital strategy. To turn your audience into customers, you need to understand their deeper needs. How to do it? – Create well thought out and understandable portraits of target consumers. Start with the basics and write down all the demographic information you know about your target customer, for example, age, gender, and location. Then, identify the problems you can help your target customer solve;

Allocate your resources very carefully- Three factors need to be taken into account to determine your digital promotion costs: your budget, your digital channel list, and the size of your team. You must be clear about what resources you have available before deciding what else you might need in the next step. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an audit of the digital channels used, choose the most effective ones, abandon non-working promotion tools, and connect new ones. It’s also important to decide whether to outsource digital marketing services or engage one or two new talent in the marketing department;

Continually monitor the effectiveness of your digital strategy and make adjustments on time. Create a timeline in Google Calendar and share it with all your team members with the ability to edit if necessary. Highlight the key areas that

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