Top 3 Web Hosting Providers in Canada

As a Canadian business owner, it is understandable that you want your website to succeed. Your website is the gateway into a broader client base that is only accessible over the internet. It can allow you to easily get in touch with people from around the world. Achieving a successful website can happen if you make good decisions on a few key factors. One of these factors includes choosing which web hosting provider you will be going with. 


Founded in 2006, is currently hosting over 300,000 websites worldwide. GreenGeeks is one of the most environmentally-friendly web hosting providers available in Canada. The company prides itself on giving back more than it takes from the environment. Through the purchase of wind and solar credits, GreenGeeks has become 300% energy efficient


GreenGeeks has several hosting plans to choose from. This is beneficial, as you can choose one that is simplistic and not overly powerful if you do not require that. As your business starts to grow, you can easily transition into one of their more high-powered plans. The prices are all assuming that the user will sign up for 3 years in advance with GreenGeeks.

The company’s shared hosting plans are Lite, Pro, and Premium. They vary in price from $2.49 to $8.95 monthly. 

The VPS plans range from 2GB to 8GB of RAM. The prices are $39.95, $59.95, and $109.95 monthly, respectively.  

If you have an interest in reseller hosting, GreenGeeks offers plans for that as well. The RH-25 plan costs $19.95 monthly. The RH-50 reseller plan costs $24.95 monthly. And the RH-80 plan costs $34.95 monthly. 

All of these plans come with a free SSL Certificate, which is essential for your clients to trust the security of your website. 

Speed and Uptime

Two essential components to a successful website are having fast speed and good uptime. The speed will help to ensure that users have a good experience and do not experience any long loading times. A speed to aim for is less than 2,000ms per page. 

The uptime is a measurement of how often the site is functional and available to users. If the user is not able to access your site, they are likely to give up trying and use a competitor’s page instead. The industry standard for uptime is 99.90%.

GreenGeeks has a speed of 445ms per loading page and an uptime of 99.98%, as tested by users. 



Hostinger has three shared hosting plans, which are Single, Premium, and Business. The starting price ranges from $0.99 to $2.15 monthly. The price fluctuations happen often, but you can lock in your rate for 48 months. 

The company’s VPS plans also fluctuate in price, as Hostinger frequently offers sales and discounts. The starting price is $3.95 monthly for the cheapest VPS plan, while the more powerful plan will cost $12.95 monthly. 

Hostinger’s WordPress hosting plans are ideal for website owners who are just starting out. Their single WordPress plan is primarily for beginners and has a price tag of $1.99 monthly. This range stretches to their WordPress Pro plan, which costs $11.59 monthly. 

All the plans come with an SSL Certificate, but not all have free domain registration. 

Speed and Uptime

Hostinger can hold its own in the speed and uptime categories. The company offers an uptime of 99.1% which slightly exceeds the industry standard. Their load times are 389ms per page, on average.  

Web Hosting Canada (WHC)

This hosting company works out of their Montreal, Quebec location. They have been in business since 2003 and are a good option for companies who have Canadians as their primary user base. 


WHC offers a wide variety of hosting plans for its users. Their shared hosting plan includes Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. The Starter and Pro are very close in price, at $3.89 and $3.92 monthly, respectively. The Enterprise is a bit more expensive at $11.89 monthly. The Enterprise is primarily for larger websites that see a great deal more traffic than the Starter and Pro.

Users who have an interest in cloud hosting will be pleasantly surprised at WHC’s plans. These are the Starter, Pro, Enterprise, and Beast. They range in price from $17.49 to $57.49 monthly for the first month. After that, the prices range from $34.99 monthly to $114.99 monthly. 

WHC also offers reseller hosting as an option. The prices for these range from $21.56 monthly (renewed at $26.95) to $75.96 monthly (renews at $94.95). 

Renewable energy powers all of their plans, but not all plans contain a free SSL Certificate. You can obtain an SSL Certificate separately if you have an interest in doing so. 

Speed and Uptime

WHC guarantees a server uptime of at least 99.90%, which meets industry standards. As an average, the company’s speed tends to be around 3,780ms per loading page. However, this speed would improve when Canadian users access the site. 

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