5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Everyone likes to save on their energy bill, and many people use basic strategies to conserve money and energy. Turning the lights off when you leave a room, consolidating laundry, and using power strips are some of the ways that the eco-conscious approach reducing their energy bill. There may be ways to save that you don’t know about, however. Whether it’s your air conditioning, furnace, or sun/shade solutions, here are some very simple ways to cut your energy bill down to size.

1. Lower the water heater temperature.

Just behind cooling and heating as top costs contributing to your energy bill, is your water heater. This appliance distributes hot water to all sinks, showers, dishwashers, and laundry appliances. Since the water heater stores heated water in the tank, set at a certain temperature, you can easily save the energy used to heat the water by lowering the temperature to the recommendation of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also tankless water heaters that can save you money over time.

2. Use appliances strategically to balance electricity.

Strategic use of your appliances allows you to not only save on your energy bill but also be more efficient with your household responsibilities. One way to accomplish this is to dry laundry loads consecutively instead of allowing the dryer to cool down in between. Also, make sure the dishwasher is full before running it. Strategies will vary depending on your current consumption habits.

3. Install sun shades or awnings.

Installing awnings or solskjerming over your windows is a stylish way to control your energy costs. They protect the building materials of your home from sunlight, reduce solar heat gain, offer sun/shade versatility, and can add a nice aesthetic to your home.

Both sunshades and awnings come in many versatile and appealing fabrics that offer special features, such as reversible shades with both a light and dark side that can be turned to either reflect (light color) or absorb (dark color).

4. Change air filters regularly.

This tip almost goes without mention, but it is crucial to saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Your unit has to work hard to heat and cool the air and transport it through the ducts. The filter is located where the air is pulled into your system, trapping airborne particles sucked in with the air.

Therefore, air filters help your cooling and heating system run efficiently by keeping airborne particles from clogging coils and damaging the system.

5. Ultra-insulate.

Insulation protects you and your home from heat, cold, and wind, and makes it possible to maintain an ideal temperature for saving energy. Check all the insulation in your home, including walls, the attic, and around your pipes to make sure your insulating material is in good shape. If you own any other building on your properties, like a barn, you should definitely consider investing in pole building insulation as well. There are more insulating materials to choose from these days, so don’t settle for the itchy, pink fiberglass stuff. You can also wrap pipes to and from your water heater to keep it from having to work so hard.

Your energy bill doesn’t have to be outrageous. Follow our five simple tips above to save big every month.

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