Ticketmaster vs StubHub in 2024: Fees, Refunds & More

Attending a live concert or event is fun. However, securing tickets for the experience can be tedious. It requires a lot of work, patience, and understanding of the ticketing platforms to unlock the benefits.

Two of the most popular ticketing platforms that have created a monopoly in the market are Ticketmaster and StubHub. However, which of the two is a better choice, and why is one better?

To gain a well-rounded understanding, we will explore more about the fees, refund policies, and user experience of using Ticketmaster and StubHub.

Ticketmaster vs StubHub – Understanding the Differences

Ticketmaster vs StubHub


While most people know Ticketmaster and StubHub as popular ticketing platforms, many people don’t realize the difference.

Despite both being popular ticketing platforms, there is a huge difference in the intent and process of purchasing tickets.



Ticketmaster is usually the “main” and “official” ticketing partner for the majority of live events that people attend. These could include concerts, games, theatre performances, etc. The platform is operational and currently available in 35 countries.

Ticketmaster also offers perks for certain credit card holders, such as pre-access to tickets before general sale, discounts, cashbacks, etc. Although not common, users also opt for Ticketmaster to “resell” their already-bought tickets.



Unlike Ticketmaster, which is usually the “official” ticketing partner, StubHub is for the fans, by the fans. Here, you will primarily find people reselling their bought tickets, usually at a hiked price. If a live event is in demand and you can’t get tickets, StubHub users often have tickets for those events.

The platform has been in business for two decades and is currently available in 90 countries. It also offers a “Fan Protect Guarantee” to prevent fraudulent ticket sales.

Another unique feature of StubHub is its affiliate program. This enables users to earn commission on successful referrals.

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What are the Fees of Ticketmaster and StubHub?

Live event tickets are expensive, so additional processing fees can add up much quicker than you realize. Here’s a breakdown of the processing fees charged by Ticketmaster and StubHub individually:

Processing Fee FactorsTicketmasterStubHub
Service fee19% of the ticket price28% of the ticket price
Processing fee$2.95$8.00
Delivery chargeUsually, freeIncluded in the processing fee
Facility chargeNot usually applicableNot usually applicable

If we compare the two, the ticket prices and platform fees are cheaper on Ticketmaster than on StubHub. Since StubHub is filled mainly with resellers, the prices of the tickets are usually a lot higher than those of Ticketmaster, where the original tickets are sold.

How is the Website Experience at Ticketmaster and StubHub?

Ticketmaster and StubHub have a similar website experience wherein you get a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

StubHub is a great option for live events with high demand because it offers a simplified ticket-purchasing experience. What’s great about both platforms is their simple and minimalistic design. Users sign up, create an account, and purchase tickets accordingly.

Another factor to remember while using Ticketmaster and StubHub is efficiency. Live event tickets go out within minutes, so you must be quick to secure them.

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What are the Refunds, Protection, and Policies of Ticketmaster and StubHub?

When buying live event tickets, the key is to know the platform’s refund, protection, and purchasing policies.

Here’s a breakdown of the same:


Both Ticketmaster and StubHub offer refunds only in case of cancellations. So, if the event is canceled, the ticket price is refunded to the users.

Guarantees and protection

Since Ticketmaster is an official ticketing partner for most events, the tickets are 100% genuine. When it comes to StubHub, they offer a FanProtect Guarantee.


In case of cancellations, Ticketmaster offers a 100% refund. For StubHub, users can request a cash refund or 120% account credit.


In case of weather discrepancies where the event is rescheduled, the old tickets are valid for the new date for both Ticketmaster and StubHub.

Transfer or gifting

Both Ticketmaster and StubHub offer easy ticket transfer and gifting options. So, if you want to sell tickets or surprise someone, that’s doable without any hassle.

Ticket insurance

Ticketmaster offers the “Allianz insurance” option. Stubhub, on the other hand, doesn’t have any insurance options.

If we had to compare the two, Ticketmaster sure does win again in this round. The policies and refund options are slightly better and more rounded on Ticketmaster than on StubHub. Also, the ticket insurance option is available on Ticketmaster only.

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What are the Ticket Delivery Methods on Ticketmaster and StubHub?

Once you buy the tickets on either platform, there is an instant transfer and delivery option. Both the platforms offer a wide range of ticket transfer options, including:

  • Instant download
  • Email tickets
  • Physical box office tickets
  • Mail physical tickets
  • Mobile app

So, depending on the choice of ticket transfer, you can pick one or multiple. Regardless of the ticket platform you are on, choosing what works best for you is vital.

What are the Payment Options Available for Ticketmaster and StubHub?

Paying for expensive live event tickets can be an extensive affair for the users. So, Ticketmaster and StubHub offer extensive payment options. These include:

Payment modeTicketmasterStubHub
Debit cardYesYes
Credit cardYesYes
Gift cardYesYes

Depending on your payment method, you can choose Ticketmaster or StubHub. While the payment options are the same for both, we can’t ignore the fact that Ticketmaster offers a few additional payment options.

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How is the Customer Support on Ticketmaster and StubHub?

With the influx of people trying to secure tickets for the same live event, things can get confusing fast. Suppose you paid for your ticket, but it didn’t go through. What do you do then?

This is where customer support comes into the picture.

  • Ticketmaster offers various customer support methods, such as a 24×7 live assistant and a contact form for emails.
  • StubHub offers phone-based contact and a StubHub community page where you can resolve your confusion.

Both ticketing platforms offer prompt customer support. However, which one you opt for depends on personal preference. If you prefer chatting, Ticketmaster is a better option. If you want to call for resolutions directly, StubHub is better.

What are the Fraud Protection Policies on Ticketmaster and StubHub?

Fraud is quite a common practice in the online ticketing marketplace. It’s recurrent, and people get scammed when trying to purchase a ticket to a concert, for example.

Since StubHub hosts fans as resellers, fraud is usually higher on that platform than on Ticketmaster. The tickets available on Ticketmaster are usually genuine since the platform authenticates each ticket they sell.

StubHub offers a “FanProtect Guarantee,” which encourages verified sellers to sell their tickets. This has significantly reduced the risks of fraud and duplicity with the tickets on the platform.

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Ticketmaster vs StubHub – Which is a Better Choice?

Ticketmaster and StubHub have gained much popularity, which explains why making a single pick can be difficult. You may be wondering which option to choose and which to avoid.

In most cases, the choice depends on the live event you buy tickets for. Switching to StubHub is always a better option if they aren’t available on Ticketmaster.

Your objective is to find the “cheapest” tickets. So, if the non-resale ticket on Ticketmaster is expensive, check for a cheaper alternative on StubHub. If that’s not available, it’s better to stick to the original route and buy the ticket from Ticketmaster only.

Quick tip: Ensure that you double-check the available options before you make the payment for the purchase.