How To Disable YouTube Shorts?

The emergence of short-form content has made it difficult for us to retain our attention on longer-form videos. While engaging with reels on Instagram makes sense, most people are on YouTube to watch the long-format content. So, YouTube Shorts are a distraction for many. It could clutter the feed, affecting the kind of experience you […]

Ticketmaster vs StubHub in 2024: Fees, Refunds & More

Attending a live concert or event is fun. However, securing tickets for the experience can be tedious. It requires a lot of work, patience, and understanding of the ticketing platforms to unlock the benefits. Two of the most popular ticketing platforms that have created a monopoly in the market are Ticketmaster and StubHub. However, which […]

How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Story?

Stories. In most cases, Instagram has a 15-second time limit for each story. So, when you share a reel of 30+ seconds, it will be cut off midway. How do you share the entire reel on your Instagram story so your audience can view it without inconvenience? Surprisingly, there are a few workarounds that can […]

Top 10 Graphic Design Companies In India

An excellent graphic design may completely transform the appearance of your website or product. Regardless of how you argue, pictures are more important than words in the digital arena. Graphic design professionals believe visuals are easier to recall than text.  Skilled marketing and forming a cohesive team are essential for developing a brand image and […]

15 Top Engineering Companies for 2024

In a time where innovation and advancement shape our future, a select group of companies stands out as pioneers, leading the charge toward groundbreaking solutions and transformative technologies.  These top engineering firms of 2024 represent the epitome of excellence, combining ingenuity with expertise to tackle complex challenges across industries. Join us to discover the visionaries […]