Things That Might Cause Your SEO Ranking To Drop

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Some days ago, someone was super excited after learning that their website has risen the ranks of search engines. Today, the same individual is left perplexed wondering how he/she has dropped down the ladder. Although we might console ourselves that things will get back to normal after a while, you need to do something as soon as possible. Failure to do this will drag you back to the other pages where nobody will think of clicking on your website.

A drop means that you have been doing some things in the wrong manner or you have failed to do them at all! This article has eased the work for you by analysing all the mistakes that might cause your SEO ranking to decrease each day.

1. Lack of quality links

A lot of website owners have realized that you will not become a celebrated content writer unless you recognize other writers’ work. A lot of them have mastered the art of linking their articles with external websites, especially the ones from the same genre. This is especially important to readers who want extra information on their topic of choice. Besides being educative, the links ought to be relevant for them to have a solid reputation from the visitors. Nevertheless, never saturate your content with links; pick one or two in the maximum. Let the rest be filled with your content.

2. Ignoring broken links

We have all experienced situations when we click on a link only to have a blank page or be directed to a 404 page error! What a waste of time and energy! This is one of the most annoying experiences of every user. If you decide to join the industry, do it wholeheartedly to become the best. Some mistakes are alright but are also avoidable through simple rules such as rechecking all the links before posting the content. In addition to this, keep trying them once in a while, even several years later after publishing your work. SEO will always penalize for such links leading to a decline in the ranking.

3. Having a slow loading website

Once I click on a random website, I expect it to open immediately since that is the expectation of every user. As long as my internet is fast, what would make your website slow to open? The moment a random user clicks and waits for more than 8 minutes to unlock your website, doubt will engulf them and direct them to other faster websites. People are busy and expect things to work perfectly well for them too. One should, therefore, work on their pages’ speed to avoid such situations. Search engines will lower the ranking of any slow pages.

4. Not having a mobile friendly website

Some time back, a lot of people used their desktops to operate most of their businesses. In those days, people were yet to embrace their mobile phones since most of them were used for communication purposes only. With time, things changed, and people started appreciating the value for flexibility. People nowadays prefer using their mobile phones due to the ease of use and its versatility.

In the same context, other websites, especially those created in that age, may still be using the desktop version. This means that a mobile user cannot access the site in a better version, or may not open at all. Failure to make them mobile-friendly may lower one’s ranking in SEO since most of the traffic is generated from mobile phones.

5. Plagiarising people’s content

A lot of people have mastered the art of plagiarising and copycatting people’s work exceptionally, a habit that was previously embraced in the industry. Today, this is an illegal act that leads to heavy penalties from search engines, leading to a ban or a decrease in the rank of your website. Some people use their competitors’ keywords yet this is something you can have it done in a professional way. It is therefore advisable to produce original work every time you are to write some content. Quality will always earn you loyalty from most users.

Many things can lower your SEO ranking without you even noticing. They are silly mistakes that can be scraped off easily. Work on some of them to increase your chances of getting ranked even higher than your current position. For more information, click

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