The Secret Ingredients to Being a Great Auctioneer

An auctioneer is at the forefront of every auction event. They ensure the smooth running of an auction by engaging the buyers to bid higher while being charismatic and entertaining at the same time. Below are some guidelines on becoming a great auctioneer and succeeding in your career. 

Great Auctioneer

Knowledge of the Product

Background information of a product is important. This is because a brief description of the merchandise enables you to present its benefits in an effective manner. Having an overview of each item makes you efficient, confident and competent during the bidding process. 


Most auctioneers adapt to a unique way of mentioning certain items. This however can be detrimental while carrying out the auction. This is because some new members at the auction may not understand the meaning of these words. Use clear, concise and simple terminology to offer a more up-front experience. Also remember to be assertive and confident enough in order to encourage and engage new buyers.

People Skills

A good auctioneer should be approachable, fun and entertaining. Building the confidence of the audience is essential in establishing trustworthy relationships with them. Auctioneers are therefore able to convince buyers to bid more, especially those aiming at keeping prices low. These skills go a long way in having a successful auction where both the buyer and seller achieve their goals.

Fact Finding

Doing a background check on an auction gives you a preview of prospective buyers. It also gives an auctioneer a chance to communicate with the vendors about a reasonable starting price. Having this information helps run the auction efficiently and makes it easier to achieve pre-set goals. 

Use of Humor

Having a great sense of humor during an auction provides for a relaxed atmosphere. It keeps the audience focused on the product and can influence the buyers to bid at higher prices. Using humor to describe products attracts more buyers and breaks the awkwardness in the atmosphere. This is a way of standing out from other auctioneers as it also keeps the crowd entertained.

Gestures and Expressions

Engaging the audience with the proper hand motions and expressions is essential. In some auctions, especially public ones, communicating with the sellers/buyers who want to stay private will require the correct gestures and eye contact.


If the preferred prices are not bid, an auctioneer may be required to dismiss some bids. When the incremental offer is lower than the trend, an auctioneer needs the skill to turn the bidding around to the preferred trend rise, for example, from $1,000 to $10,000 rises. 


Auctioneers are vital for the success of any auction. Becoming a great auctioneer takes time and lots of practice. With these tips you are well on your way to becoming a great auctioneer. For more information on becoming a great auctioneer check out The Auctioneer. Remember to be patient and focused. These tips will go a long way in helping you get there quicker.

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