The Most Common Challenges Facing Young Entrepreneurs in 2021

Finding your feet as a successful entrepreneur means facing challenges head-on and learning from the process. In this post, we’ll explore the most common challenges facing young entrepreneurs in 2021, and how they can be overcome.

Environmental Impact as an Entrepreneur

Getting Paid On Time

The biggest and perhaps the most detrimental challenge facing young entrepreneurs today is getting paid on time. There are multiple reasons why this might happen, you may be inexperienced with creating and sending out invoices, you might forget, or perhaps your clients aren’t familiar with your payment guidelines and neglect to prioritise your payment. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, it’s a good idea to invest in invoicing software and free invoice templates that you can find, here.

By utilising invoicing software, you can use modern and professional templates to fully customise your documents to your needs. Creating accurate and attractive invoices that are tailored to your business logo and names, complete with precise payment calculations. When your invoices are professional looking and sent out promptly, young entrepreneurs can speed up the payment process, get paid faster and enhance their professional image.

Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow is something many entrepreneurs struggle with due to inexperience. Of course, getting on top of your invoices (see the point above) can help you manage your money a little better, however, working through your finances to know which resources to focus on and distribute can feel like a minefield.

To overcome this challenge, entrepreneurs need to practice proper budgeting and financial planning for the months ahead. Writing down costs and understanding what is coming in and going out again can quickly put you in a stronger financial position, helping you make better decisions and stopping you from falling into debt.  

Time Management

As entrepreneurs are running their own businesses from scratch, they’re wearing multiple hats, juggling balls and spinning plates constantly. With so many responsibilities it can be difficult to manage time effectively and accomplish everything before the COP.

To combat this challenge, breaking down the working day into manageable chunks is a good place to start. Creating goal lists will help you prioritise what you need to accomplish day-to-day, and even timing yourself completing tasks will help you structure your days better. It’s also a good opportunity to learn how to say, no. Taking on too much work will only be detrimental to your well-being and the quality of work you’re producing.

Running Out of Money

Not every business turns a profit straight away. Which can leave many entrepreneurs feeling deflated and defeatist about their progress. However, you mustn’t be discouraged, if you’re running out of money, then there are some effective solutions you can put in place to stabilise your finances.

Ensure you’re putting enough money into your marketing efforts as this is what will find you your new clients and bring in more work. Go through your expenses and see where you can free up some of your cash flow. Spend your money where you know it’s working and avoid taking risks until your finances are in a better place.

Final Thoughts…

With the right approach, even the most challenging of issues can be eliminated. Consider the points above to push the success of your business forward. 

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