4 Surprising Ways to Get a Better ROI on Your Marketing Efforts

Making a measurable impact with your promotional campaigns is obviously the main way by which you can justify your marketing spending in the long run.

Likewise, the more of a return you generate, the more successful you can deem your efforts to have been. There are lots of ways to boost your returns, so here are a few of the more unusual yet still impactful tactics to try out for yourself.

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Call tracking

While call tracking is often talked about in a sales context, it can also be key to calculating the effectiveness of your marketing.

For example, by using WhatConverts (a CallRail alternative), you can leverage the data gleaned from tracking the sources of inbound calls to get a better understanding of what prompts prospective customers to pick up the phone. This could be everything from a print ad to an online landing page, but what really matters is that it will give you clear evidence of which of your strategies is worth pushing harder and which might be worth ditching or seriously adjusting.

Highly targeted content creation

You can expend a lot of time and effort crafting content which is designed to appeal to as much of your audience as possible, only to find that it sinks without a trace because it is competing in too wide of a playing field.

The solution is to go in the other direction and drill down into a very specific niche, which is nevertheless relevant to a subsection of your customers. You will have a much bigger chance of hitting the upper echelons of SERPs if your content is linked with keywords that are not as hotly contested.

Of course doing this without potentially veering into areas outside of the sphere of interests of your audience is tricky in its own right, so make sure that your research and planning are thorough.

Moving marketing in-house

Plenty of businesses outsource their marketing to third party agencies, and while this is a good way to go if you are just getting started, eventually it will be more cost-effective to shift this in-house.

Aside from the cost savings that this can bring about in the right circumstances, it is also far more efficient if members of the marketing team are all working within the organization full time. It avoids the delays and misunderstandings that can come when outsourcing, and makes your marketing budget stretch further as a result.

Increasing prices

It might sound counterintuitive, but you can actually market your products and services more impactfully if you raise your prices as opposed to offering discounts.

Of course you can only justify this if the quality of what you are providing justifies the increase, but customers will be happy to pay more so long as they know they are getting bang for their buck, and there is prestige to be gained by moving your brand into a different bracket, which could work well depending on your niche.

Most importantly, if a particular marketing tactic is not giving you a decent return on your initial investment, being willing to drop it is a useful skill to foster.

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