The Ins and Outs of 1031 DST Investments

The property ladder is probably the only ladder every person wouldn’t mind climbing. For most people it’s impossible, some make it, some have many ladders in their inventory. Whichever way the cookie crumbles for you, making a smart investment will make things much easier. 

The real estate game has changed significantly and it is so much more competitive than it ever used to be. It’s an eat or be eaten jungle out there.


What is Real Estate?

It is essentially the physical land and buildings, it’s what is ‘real’ in front of you. The more tech explanation can be read here  including all the types and how it all works.

How to get on the property ladder.

Just because you aren’t earning a monthly 5 figure sum does not mean that all is lost when it comes to getting on board. The first change you can make is to cut out all luxuries from your spending habits. This may mean sacrificing certain social events, all those late-night or weekend take-outs, done. The quicker you stop the quicker you save.

Then once you have started your saving plan, think realistically about the price you can afford. Take a lot of time for this, interest prices fluctuate throughout the years, and if you have chosen to live at the maximum you can afford, you might run into trouble down the line.

Location is another factor in determining house prices. A little further out than you would initially like could save thousands. If you are set on a specific area, be sure you will be able to afford monthly repayments, and will probably have to save longer before you begin.

Considering getting help from family members or there are schemes to help low-income households, this is a foot onto the ladder we can all use.

Even buying with someone could be for investment purposes to help you both out, you only have to save half the deposit amount needed, but be sure you are willing for this big commitment together.

Lastly, make an appointment to have a chat with a mortgage broker. There are many things you will need to know upfront, documents to have ready, so watch this clip to understand what to look for when it comes to brokers. The more prepared the better.


What is investing or an investment? In basic terms, it means you foresee a benefit or profit in the future if you allocate a certain amount of funds to a project. Then, once the time allotted for the project is complete, the results are known as the return. This could be a profit, or sometimes a loss, but it is the outcome.

How to Start Investing?

Deciding on the approach of your investment is the first step, the stock market has different options, so do your research and make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of your product.

Go to the bank and open an account for the sole purpose of your investment, and put in the initial deposit to get the ball rolling.

Setting up a monthly debit order to transfer funds to this account will also help you keep on track and not slack on being committed.

When you have built up a lump sum, you can invest it into an asset or building say for rent, to get a return each month, but keep the debit order running.

Money from the rental and your debit order will allow a bigger sum to accumulate and you can continue to buy more assets and build a diversified portfolio.

There are some considerations to take into account though when buying properties. Taxes and federal taxes, capitals, etc. can make things tricky. A good way to help with this is by doing what’s known as a section 1031 exchange.

Chatting to companies such as 1031 Delaware statutory trust could take a huge weight off your shoulders. Having professional assistance and a properly structured 1031 exchange, you can sell a property and use it to re-invest it into a new property, thus deferring all capital gain taxes.

We bring in the big guns, and if it means we save money, I’m all for it. This is the initial reason for investing in the first instance was it not?

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