The Importance of Email Marketing

If you are planning on starting an e-commerce store of your own, you must already be looking at all the ways you can promote and sell your products. One of the methods that is likely to stand out the most is email marketing. In this, you simply mail the details of your product to prospective customers to increase their interest and to follow up on them. However, if you are just a newbie who does not have much of an idea about e-commerce email marketing, then the following tips will give you the necessary basic tips.

Why Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The first thing you have to understand is the importance of email marketing. It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to start gaining customers. Since you are emailing them directly, the chances of them visiting your product page and making a purchase are very high. This is only possible if you have chosen a user base that has an interest in the niche you are operating.

The alternative way is to wait for the site to get ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines. In comparison, email marketing provides e-commerce website a quick way to start building their customer base.

Types Of Audiences

Next, you have to understand the various kinds of audiences who will read your email. Generally, you will face three types of audience – shoppers, customers, and tire kickers.

Shoppers refer to users who visit your store with a genuine intention to make a purchase. However, they may choose not to finish the purchase due to a variety of reasons such as the high cost of the product, confusion of choosing between alternative products, and so on. Such people will likely add the products they are interested in the cart but may leave it as it is. As per estimates, about 75% of all people who shop on an online store fall under this category.

So, if you see that a big percentage of your shoppers tend to abandon the cart, there is no need to panic. Just come up with a good plan to attract these visitors back with better offers.

Customers, as the name indicates, refers to those people who have previously made a purchase from you. If they are satisfied with the product and your customer service, they will most likely buy again from your website. As such, it is necessary that you keep such loyal customers happy by giving them a few discounts and other benefits from time to time.

The last category of the audience who will read your emails are the tire kickers. They will visit your website and browse through numerous products but will never have the intention of buying any of it. Don’t spend too much time on them. Instead, focus on finding and building a rapport with audiences who are shoppers and customers.

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