The Great Importance of a Good Letterhead

If you’re in business, emails and other digital communication may be your preferred methods of contact. You might even wonder, “Why have a letterhead when I use email and a website?”


It’s easy to overlook details like this for any business, but it’s paying attention to these details that make a world of difference. Read on to learn why you need a well-crafted, intentional letterhead for your business.

What’s a Letterhead?

A letterhead is the heading at the top of any sheet of a business document. It contains key information about your position and company. Letterheads contain the following feature:

  • Business name
  • Company title/role
  • Contact information
  • Company logo

For larger companies or those with multiple department heads, personalized letterheads are also common and may include individual names and titles. Letterheads are used for internal and external communication, too.

External documents may be press releases, invoicing, direct mail, and job letters to potential hires. Internal uses for letterheads include proposals, presentations, meeting minutes, and cross-functional memos.

The Benefits of a Letterhead for Business

If you’re thinking about using a letterhead, you need to understand how your business benefits from it first. A well-crafted company letterhead does several things. You’ll improve the outward perception of your company’s professionalism.

Internally, you’ll find employees more likely to streamline details in places like their email signature if they have a template to follow. This level of detail encourages employees to take more pride in their external communications, too.

External Communication

External communication is vital for any business. How you present your business messaging depends on what you’re trying to communicate. Different fonts and color schemes communicate different things.

Some colors and fonts are more professional and present a higher style. Law firms and medical offices may want this level of detail to appear professional and polished. Aside from professionalism, letterheads serve as a strong first impression, too.

If you’re sending out letters to recruit new potential employees, a letterhead says different things. If you’re reaching out to potential clients, donors, etc., you’ll find that letterheads are vital for reinforcing brand awareness, too. Direct mail is a vital part of consistent messaging.

Branding and Marketing

Even if your company largely uses digital communication, a letterhead works on more than paper. Email signatures, website bios, and contact pages can all come from the same source.

If you’re all about intentional design, you likely want to capitalize on the logo and other branding elements you’ve invested in. Certain brand kits emphasize branded colors and fonts as part of a comprehensive kit. These subtle details maintain a cohesive appearance for anyone to recognize.

Higher style marketing campaigns are marked by consistency in every detail, including creating a letterhead that follows company branding. 

Learn Other Ways to Elevate Your Business Communication

Once you know the value of a letterhead, it’s time to make one. You’re likely exploring other routes to elevate your business communication, too. 

There’s a lot more to elevated business communication than creating letterheads. Check out the rest of our quality content for tips on improving your company messaging.

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