What Successful People Don’t Do

successful people don't give upEveryone always wants to know what to do to become successful, but not many people consider what they shouldn’t do. When you know what not to do, the rest seems to fall into place.  And if you look at all the successful entrepreneurs, business people, and even individuals (athletes, artists, etc.), there is a single defining thing that they don’t do: give up.


Giving Up

How many successful people do you know who gave up?

It’s likely you don’t know anyone who is successful that gave up on your dreams of success. That’s the whole point. They never gave up.

Before you tell yourself the reason why they didn’t give up is because they didn’t go through the challenges and tribulations that others who do give up go through, just stop. Every single entrepreneur that started and grew a business to success went through crises. It’s part of the journey, and there wouldn’t be success if there weren’t obstacles to overcome.

As an entrepreneur, you have something inside of you that makes you want to do something different, big, and awesome. You want to be on top of the world.

As you climb that mountain to the top, you’ll fall, and you may even slide down a little. Will you tumble all the way to bottom? Maybe. Whether you turn around and walk away or get back on the mountain to climb away is the difference between being successful and not.


Keep Going Until You Can’t Anymore

You don’t fail unless you give up. As long as you can physically and mentally pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and trudge forward, you will reach the success you want. It may not be in the way you want, but it will end up being what you wanted.


Famous People That Didn’t Give Up

Walt Disney wasn’t always successful. He was fired from his job at the Kansas City Star Newspaper. He started a business called Laugh-O-Gram, but that didn’t take off, and he ended up losing all of his money. He kept going though, and that’s why we now have Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Euro Disney.

Oprah Winfrey used to be poor. She was fired from many jobs in which she was a reporter and co-anchor. It didn’t stop her though. She kept trying to hit the big screen, and one day, her whole world opened up and now she’s one of the richest ladies in the world. This is rags to riches at its finest!

Bill Gates decided to quit Harvard to start a business called Traf-O-Data, which flopped. It wasn’t too long afterwards that he used his lessons from the close of the business to create Microsoft.

Milton Hershey couldn’t get two candy businesses off the ground enough to make a profit. That was until he started Hershey’s!

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, and he was the founder! What did he do? He went back, and then ended up making the company the most well know, successful technology companies in the world.

Learn from the most successful people in the world. Don’t give up on your dreams of business success. You’re an entrepreneur that needs to create an empire, and if one thing doesn’t work, that means you need to try something different. As long as you try, you will never fail.

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  1. El Michelle says

    Marcelina, I love the topic of this post! They say nothing worth having comes easy…I’m not sure if that’s true for certain, but one thing I took away from another EXTREMELY successful person, Jay-Z, is what he said in his special on Oprah’s Network, OWN. He said he never learned from winning all the time. If he hadn’t failed, he wouldn’t be as successful as he is now. I liked that, because honestly, what DO you learn if you win all the time?! Besides the falsehood that you’ll WIN every single time?! Failure leads to great lessons, just like you’re saying in this post! Good job!

  2. Hi Michelle! Love your comment. Jay-Z is just awesome. I wish I had seen that special. Maybe there will be a rerun I can catch – I’ll look for it.

    But yes, people who win never look back, but people who fail often look back to learn from it. So thank you so much for your kind comment!

  3. Marcelina,

    Great article – and it’s absolutely true. Part of not giving up is being open to the pivot. 15 years ago, I helped found a company called JustOriginals.com, which failed. Then another web-based website builder called icebase.com, which also failed. But learning from those, launched a company called CoolerEmail that did email marketing (mild success) and then the latest venture GreenRope, which combines lessons from all of the previous companies (GreenRope is a combination CRM/email marketing/automation/website/social/mobile platform).

    Each of those different companies represented a mix of success and failure, with every failure being a lesson in understanding what the market needs and how to fulfill that need. As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to listen – to the market, our employees, our customers, and to our own inner voice.

    Looking back, the one thing that stayed with me was my perseverance, not accepting failure as an option. Thank you for sharing that entrepreneurship and building a business is not an overnight sensation, rather the hard work and sacrifice by many to build something remarkable.

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