Starting on a shoestring: How to get your Business of the ground with little capital

As the media keep telling us, more and more people are taking the plunge to start their own business. While we don’t have any definitive reasons why this happening, there’s a small chance that the internet is a big incentive. In some ways, it’s an open door to riches.

Of course, for every story of an entrepreneur starting with basically nothing and becoming a millionaire, there are countless others of the opposite occurring.

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There’s no doubt that starting out with a small budget is difficult but armed with the correct knowledge, it can be done. Through today’s guide we will now take a look at some of the most useful tips that can help you along.

Try and adopt the DIY approach whenever possible

Like it not, you’re going to need to try your hand at anything and everything as you bid to get your budget business of the ground.

For example, let’s take your taxes. Some businesses will immediately outsource this job to an accountant, even though there is plenty of tax software which allow you to do it yourself.

The same rules can even apply with the likes of web design, which has now become easier than ever before through the numerous platforms that exist.

In short, you will have to get your hands dirty, even if this isn’t the most ideal solution to begin with.

Forget the office option

While an office will be a necessity in some industries, in others it is a pure luxury. You don’t need it – and it’s a fixed cost that is going to make your life much more difficult during the early days.

One of the biggest mistakes we see amongst new entrepreneurs is when they splash a huge amount of money on an oversized and glamorous office. Sure, it’s great for your ego, but it’s a huge expense that doesn’t fit with the premise of starting out on a budget.

The same rules apply with employees

Again, making your first hire can be something of an ego boost and suggest to others that “you’ve made it”.

Unfortunately, this is another example of an unnecessary financial commitment.

Sure, you might need an extra pair of hands, but a permanent employee isn’t necessarily the answer. Instead, consider freelancers, or even virtual assistants. Particularly with the internet, both of these are really easy to find and come at a reduced cost.

Plan your marketing strategically

There are areas that you might have to invest in, and marketing falls into this category. After all, you need to get customers through the door in the first place.

However, some forms of marketing can be expensive and a result, utterly pointless for some businesses. PPC can fall into this category and you might find yourself paying through the nose for clicks to your website.Instead, turn to cheaper marketing channels. SEO falls into this category while if you can build an email list, this is also a really efficient channel.

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