Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Mobile POS Systems

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Nearly all businesses, both big and small, use digitized point of sale (POS) systems. Even a small mom-and-pop corner grocery store can benefit immensely from a digital POS system. Now there’s a new type of POS systems that small businesses should seriously consider investing in—mobile cash registers. Also called mobile POS system, this is a smaller version of a credit card reader that a shop owner can carry around.

Mobile POS systems are becoming more and more important for businesses as customers transition to online shopping. Retail businesses, and especially small businesses in the food sector, should be investing in mobile card readers to get ahead of the competition. Not all customers pay online. Some customers prefer to pay upon delivery. As people are moving away from the cash-based economy, only the small businesses that invest in mobile POS systems will survive the online shopping age.

Already, promising companies like SumUp, the European leader in mobile credit card readers, are introducing affordable mobile POS systems geared toward small businesses. Here are several reasons why small business owners should pay attention and seriously consider investing in mobile card readers:

Accept Payments Faster


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Mobile POS systems make accepting payments super fast for both the business and the customer. Mobile POS systems accept all credit and debit cards that can be swiped. Modern systems such as those offered by SumUp accept credit cards with magnetic strips, but also ones with EMV chips. Therefore, mobile POS systems are a step up over traditional electronic cash registers that only accept magnetic cards. Because of this versatility, mobile card readers make the payment process move fast without hiccups.

Mobile POS Systems Work Even without a Physical Card

Forget punching keys at a cash register or even paying for a very expensive online payment portal. Mobile POS systems make it possible for customers to pay without even having a physical card. There are mPOS systems that small businesses can actually afford that accept NFC technology. Customers can simply use a smartphone with an NFC app and place it near a card reader to pay for an order. This is inarguably highly efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Traditional cash registered don’t even come close to this level of convenience offered.

Accept Payments Wirelessly from Far Away


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Mobile POS systems can accept payments wirelessly, with Bluetooth or even with a plugin system. This is a major advantage for portability. This will enable small businesses to deliver the product directly to the customer, no matter how far away, and then accept a digital payment. Small business owners can keep track of digital payments easily and wholly eliminate cash handling problems by delivery personnel.

Keep Track of Inventory and Gather Data

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Last but not least, mobile POS systems makes digital tracking of transactions possible, just as with an advanced in-store POS system. These systems come with massive inventory capabilities. Small business owners can gather data and keep track of stock without the need for papers. Mobile POS systems eliminate nearly all time-consuming payment hassles.

The mPOS systems are becoming more affordable so small business owners can definitely attract more customers and get a leg up on the competition with this technology.

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