Simply Wall St Review | Is This Reliable for Stock Research And Analysis?

Are you searching for the perfect stock research platform to elevate your investment game? Well, it’s great you’re reading this now.

In today’s fast-paced investment world, having a reliable and user-friendly tool can make all the difference.

That’s where Simply Wall St comes in. It is designed to cater to individual investors’ needs, and this visually engaging platform offers a wealth of features to help you make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategy.

In this Simply Wall St review, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of Simply Wall St, highlighting its standout features, pricing plans, and how it can fit seamlessly into your investment journey.

So, let’s explore the world of Simply Wall St together – who knows, it might just be the missing piece in your financial puzzle.

What is Simply Wall ST?

Simply Wall St was established by Al Bentley, a self-taught stock investor who, like many others, encountered challenges when investing in stocks for the first time.

Initially, the company aimed to provide stock analysis tools for individual investors, but over time, it expanded its target audience to include professional investors.

Simply Wall ST is a great stock analysis tool for fundamental company data. The platform aims to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and offer relatively sophisticated visual data displays, enabling traders to assess stocks quickly.

With a fair amount of features available for free, the platform proves useful for stock discovery, and many traders might find the paid plans worth the investment.

Features of Simply Wall ST

Simply Wall St provides various tools to assist investors in making well-informed investment decisions. Some notable features include:

1) Reports

The primary offering from Simply Wall ST is their one-page company reports. These colorful visualizations evaluate a company’s investment profile, giving you a quick snapshot of its potential.

The platform presents a snowflake graph that rates five aspects – past performance, future growth, value, dividend, and financial health – on a 0-6 scale. The stock research report then delves into these ratings in more detail.

Valuation is calculated by comparing a company’s current share price to its fair value based on future cash flows. Also, it considers the PE ratio, PEG ratio, and price-to-book ratio compared to industry and market averages.

2) Stock Discovery and Screener

Simply Wall ST stock data tool, which is the “stock discovery” feature, helps you find new stock picks with helpful categories such as “Growth at a Reasonable Price” or “Buy the Dip.”

You can easily see how these categories correspond to the data in the company report, which helps identify what to look for.

Although many companies are listed under each category, you can filter the list by market or industry sector. For a more refined search, use Simply Wall ST’s stock screener.

3) Portfolios

Simply Wall ST enables you to create watchlists and portfolios, combining company report features with portfolio tracking functions like return calculations.

The platform makes it incredibly easy to import portfolios from a CSV file, allowing you to transfer data from your brokerage seamlessly.

4) Platform Differentiators

Simply Wall ST sets itself apart by presenting fundamental data through visually appealing displays rather than overwhelming you with numbers and data tables.

These visualizations are particularly useful when comparing two companies within the same industry. Furthermore, the Discover feature and stock screener effectively highlight companies that warrant further investigation.

5) Customization and Layout

While no options exist to personalize the Simply Wall ST interface, the layout and menus are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Additionally, Simply Wall ST offers a mobile app for checking company reports and using the stock screener on the go.

Simply Wall ST Pricing

So, what is Simply Wall ST pricing like? They offer a free plan that comes with a decent set of features. You’ll be able to explore up to five company reports monthly and track a maximum of five stocks in your portfolio.

However, the platform’s automatically generated stock suggestions and screener won’t be accessible.

Next up is the Premium plan, which costs $10 per month. This plan allows you to view up to 30 stock research reports each month and track 30 stocks per portfolio.

It offers a solid upgrade with unlimited portfolio options, access to the stock screener, and stock ideas. However, exporting visualizations and company reports to PDFs is omitted.

For $30 per month, you can opt for the Unlimited plan, which offers limitless stock analysis reports and unlimited stocks per portfolio. Plus, you’ll be able to export report data to both PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.

Pros of Simply Wall ST

  1. Budget-friendly & feature-rich free plan
  2. Comprehensive Discover page
  3. Versatile stock screener
  4. Side-by-side company comparisons
  5. Mobile app available

Cons of Simply Wall ST

  1. Less flexible than Excel
  2. High-level stock screener & reports

Is Simply Wall St Right for You?

From our review of Simply Wall St, it’s an excellent option for individual investors seeking a user-friendly, visually engaging stock research platform.

With various features, it’s designed to make your investment journey more informed and enjoyable.

Whether Simply Wall St is the perfect fit depends on your investment goals and preferences.

Simply Wall St is worth considering if you need a tool to guide your investment decisions.

Why not give Simply Wall St a shot? Their free plan provides access to various features, allowing you to explore the platform before deciding on a paid subscription.

Click here to sign up for Simply Wall St and take charge of your financial future!

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