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If you are a small business owner needing to get your e-commerce set up quickly and without any in-house development, you may have come across Shopify. You should know that there have been recent changes to Shopify’s terms of service and data sharing policies, which has led to major partners like Mailchimp parting ways with the platform. Consequently, Shopify has become less partner friendly.

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Another frequent pattern with Shopify has been businesses that scale up and then part ways with the platform. One of the primary reasons for this is their payment model, which charges 2.4% plus 30 cents on every transaction, on top of a fixed fee. This means that once your business grows beyond a certain level, it is cost friendlier to build your own in-house e-commerce website. In the highly competitive and volatile industry of e-commerce, we have found a scalable e-commerce platform that grows with you: BigCommerce.

In 2009, during its inception, BigCommerce swore to become the best SaaS e-commerce solution. Now a decade and 60,000 merchant stores later, they might be the closest they have ever been to their own goal. The company’s CEO, Brent Bellm, has always believed in a customer-centric and partner-first approach. The company prides itself by tending to their customers’ needs and believes that a closed-off e-commerce ecosystem will eventually scare off partners of the company.

BigCommerce’s take on their partner policies is to acknowledge that everyone involved must “act in the best interest of the merchant”. Subsequently, they do not force their partners and third-party providers to share all the merchant data with them or take away the freedom of recommending other platforms to their merchants. They believe in loyalty towards their customers and their partners.

A significant reason for choosing BigCommerce over any other e-commerce platform is their cost-effective pricing model. The 15-day trial period aside, BigCommerce charges a fixed amount monthly or annually on their most basic plan with no percentage taken from your business transactions. BigCommerce wants their merchants to prosper, so they won’t get greedy even when your business eventually booms. No need to spend a huge sum of money on developing a new in-house e-commerce website to escape transaction fees!

BigCommerce’s business strategy is simple: keep the partners happy by respecting their privacy and merchants happy by tending to their ever-growing needs with constant innovation. The company places paramount importance on scalability, best-in-class SEO, built-in functionality, and no transaction overhead. BigCommerce ticks all the boxes of a small business wanting to make it big time. Take the first step with BigCommerce now! 

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