SEO: 5 Tips For A Good Referencing Of Your Website

SEO has gained a lot of traction with the enormously evolving content market. However, we should be thankful for Google‘s ranking policies and protocols that have laid down some strict guidelines to participate in this race.

Amidst the many, let’s discuss five golden tips for a good referencing of your website.

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The faster it loads, the higher it converts

Enhanced connectivity has dampened patience levels in humans. None of us waits even for a minute for a page to load. It is even considered a sign of fraud. 

Page speeds also determine the dwell time of a website; with each second delay, there is a 7% loss in conversion and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, thus, conveying a bad first impression.

Besides this, instantaneous loading with smooth navigation convinces the visitor about its authenticity and services in a matter of few seconds, consequently increasing visitor’s stay on the web page, contributing to SERP rankings, and converting a casual visitor to a potential customer.

So, declutter the extra widgets, structure the navigation features, scan for 404 errors and broken links, and always preview before going live.  

Intricate to impress

Websites are online stores in the case of commercial platforms. They need to be organized and well-structured to allow easy navigation from one page to another.

Integrate the same kind of information or products in a central widget, arrange the segments in the order of their needs. This aids in framing sitemaps followed by easy indexing. Optimize the homepage with help of experts from SEO company Eskimoz to welcome users with a promising outlook.

Creating web pages for every significant data that is a part of your website is said to help to list each page as a separate piece of information, creating a bridge of data from SERPS to the website’s landing page, hence, increasing organic CTRs without much investment.

Build trust with backlinking

This is an age-old tool of SEO that is still as important as ever before. Firstly, backlinking passes on a “word of mouth” without even saying much. When a budding website is linked to a reputed website, it receives a vote of confidence which is further propagated to its viewers. 

Current times are witness to influencer marketing and guest posting for gaining backlinks. It is always advisable to check the authenticity, quality, and domain name before adding the link to your content because a simple backline may result in severe penalties and traffic loss.

Content is king 

Everything may leave, but the content is here to stay for always. You may deploy the best of SEO tactics to harness the user’s attention, but if your content is not based on facts, statistics, evidence, and up to the current trends, it may not be successful in achieving the desired results.

AI-based tools such as Rank Brain and BERT’s NLP should be utilized to generate 10x content that also focuses on voice-based searches.

Your business should be on My Business

To increase online visibility, enlist your business on Google’s My Business Page and utilize Local Business Schema to optimize your website for SEO.  Update the NAP citations, services, and products to foster the searches that ask for your kind of services.

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