Resume Writing Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Resume Writing Tips to Land Your Dream Job

It might have taken a while to realize what your dream job would be and once you have, it’s time to go after it. But first you have to create a resume that communicates who you are, the skills that you have, and how your past experiences will benefit the company where you hope to get that new job.  In some cases, if you are going into a new field, you’ll have to take your current experience and demonstrate that it’s a transferable skill.

Make Your Resume Easy to Read

Hiring managers use resumes throughout the hiring process to learn more about applicants. Make sure that your resume is easy to read, gives highlights of your accomplishments and skills, and focuses on relevant experience.  If you are not sure how to do this, consider hiring a professional resume writing service. Their job is to ensure that your resume will attract the attention of hiring managers and will be formatted in a way that employers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) look for when scanning resumes.

Include Keywords

It might seem obvious that keywords should be one of the first things you make sure that you have on a resume, but often people don’t think about this important step.  The best place to find keywords is within the job postings that you find interesting.  Take a careful look at each job description for keywords, because those are the skills that an employer is looking for in the right candidate.  If you see words like “qualifications” or “requirements” in a job description, make sure you put those key words in your resume.

Numbers Are Noteworthy

It’s one thing to say “results driven” and it’s another to say that you “grew the business by 20%.”  Make sure that your resume includes metrics in the experience section.  Employers are responsive to measure value and helps them better understand what you can bring to the job position that’s open.

Put Relevant Information First

Especially if you have been in an industry for a number of years and you have a lot of experience that you want to demonstrate, it can be a challenge to keep your resume brief.  One of the best ways to keep everything concise without leaving valuable information off is to include the most relevant information first. Use the job posting as your guide.

Design a Resume That Can Be Skimmed

Another reason to hire a professional resume writing service is that they will be able to help you create a resume that will capture a hiring manger’s attention quickly.  When your resume is being reviewed, the person reading it should be able to pull out the necessary details quickly.  That means using clearly defined section headers and an easy to read font.

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