Reasons Why the Electricity Bill is higher during the Winter

Have you ever wondered why you pay more for your electricity bill during the winter? This tendency has been observable for many years. While in summer, your bill is quite tolerable, in winter the price of your electricity may make your head spin. It’s enough to take a look at texas electricity ratings to notice the difference in prices in different seasons. To save your energy, and in turn money, you should be aware of the reasons lying behind this phenomenon. Only then will you be able to fix it and shrink your electricity expenses. 

People use more energy in winter

The first major reason why your electricity bill is much higher is the fact that you use more energy in winter. It’s the season when people usually sit at home in the evenings, watching TV, working on laptops, or browsing the web. Moreover, when it’s cold outside, they want to feel warm. It leads to higher usage of heaters, electric blankets and hot water. On a freezing day, you probably dream about nothing else than a hot shower or bath. These are the principal causes of your costs. 

There are hidden costs

Paying for the bill, you should also be aware of the fact that the price doesn’t include only the cost of generating electricity, but much more. It covers the transmission of electricity to your home. And now imagine, in winter everyone uses their heaters more often, which stimulates higher costs of transmission that must be paid by lines companies. That’s why they usually pass these expenses onto retailers, who in turn decide how to burden consumers with costs. 

Once you understand the reasons why you pay more for electricity in the winter season, you can take some steps to limit your energy usage. For more information on this topic, review the following infographic: 

texas infographic
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