Qatar and Football Adds Up To Opportunity For US Entrepreneurs

QatarSoccer or football? In the States it’s called soccer. The rest of the world calls it football – same game, different names. But whether you call it soccer or football, the sport has the power to raise a country’s profile. Big time. The tiny Persian Gulf state of Qatar, which is set to host the FIFA World Cup competition in 2022, is a case in point.

It was an almighty coup when the competition was awarded to the oil and gas-rich peninsular country at the end of 2010, amid a blaze of worldwide publicity. The publicity, not to mention the controversy, has continued ever since with the latest spat centred around whether to hold the competition during the blazing heat of the Qatari summer or move it to later on in the year when temperatures are bearably lower.

So, while rather interesting, what has any of this to do with entrepreneurship and the setting up of a little business aimed at the overseas market? In a word, opportunity. That’s what. When the greatest sporting competition in the world meets the richest country in the world, opportunity is surely calling.  And while activities, such as the carrying of a business credit card in Qatar, may prove highly useful for the entrepreneur looking to set up a venture there, that’s perhaps jumping the gun slightly. Ideas come first, followed by research – and maybe only then some thoughts on business credit cards, documentary credits and all the rest of the import and export paraphernalia necessary nowadays to compete successfully on the global stage.

Which takes us neatly on to…, the American government’s export promotion website which must rank as the first port of call, certainly for anyone new to trading overseas. But it’s also a great place to go even if you happen to be an old hand at the export game. The website has everything you’ll ever need in the way of advice, resources, contacts and much more. It’s much like A leads to B and then to C – and, if you need it, there’s also X,Y and Z ready to help out if needed. And it’s all for free!

As the website says, “Leverage the knowledge and influence of the US government and our vast global network of international business experts, contacts and partners. With offices in more than 100 US cities and 80 countries across the globe, the US government offers US companies exporting information, advice and cost-effective end-to-end international business solutions.”


What US Companies Can Expect

Information and Counselling – access online resources and get personalized counselling

Strategy and Planning – develop and improve your international business strategy

Market Research and Due Diligence – target the best international markets and evaluate potential overseas business partners

Advertising and Promotional Events – increase your brand awareness and market exposure in countries around the world

Market Entry and Expansion – find and establish relationships with potential overseas business partners

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution – get help competing for foreign government contracts and settling payment disputes

Impressed? You should be. It could be just the boost your idea needs to turn it into something real and profitable. Check out the website here.

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