Proactive Steps You can take to Improve Your Well-Being

If you were to scan the centuries of human existence, you would for the most part view a very different world than we live in today. For the vast majority of our time on the planet, human beings have lived in tribal structures and in hunter-gatherer societies. Those who lived during those times certainly had dangers to be aware of. Yet, on an everyday level, when you had your hut or dwelling to live in and you had gathered food for the day, you had hours of available free time.

There wasn’t a fear of missing out, or the constant bombardment of negative or stress-inducing news. The camaraderie of community nourished us, and we could enjoy evenings of music or activities around the village fire. We woke up in tune with nature, not to the blaring of an alarm clock. We didn’t have to tackle endless emails, behind schedule project tasks and irate bosses at work. Yes, there were physical tasks to do, but they were mostly centered in nature, and in the rhythms of the Earth.

Seek Assistance from Professionals at a Wellness Center

Sometimes we find that we are stressed by life, but somehow managing to get by. At other times, though, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by the anxiety and stress of our personal lives and the challenging environment and world around us. Anxiety and stress can feel unrelenting at times, and can create intense pressure on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Fortunately, new therapies can offer immense relief for those suffering from severe anxiety and stress. If you work with a Colorado ketamine therapy center, they can utilize these leading-edge therapies to help bring big improvements to your well-being and health. Basically, ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist that works by temporarily blocking glutamate receptors that are prime regulators of conditions such as anxiety.

Step Away from Your Social Media and News Feeds

Human beings are programmed to be scanning the horizon, looking for future threats that are approaching. While that worked great for keeping us away from mountain lions and bears, we don’t react well when we are constantly beset by bad news and outrage-inducing social media.

It’s estimated that the average person checks their smartphone around 53 times a day. The social media algorithms are designed to keep us glued to the screens, and the stress and anxiety-inducing things that are programmed to scroll by. If you take a break from news and social media, you’ll find yourself in a far better place, and the world will look better to you.

Entrain with the Natural Rhythms of Nature

We are creatures of nature, made from her elements and designed to live in tune with the more gentle rhythms of Mother Earth. One of the ways you can improve your well-being is to spend time in nature each day. The soothing serenade of a flowing stream, the phytochemicals that bathe you when you walk in the forest and the beautiful, expansive views can help restore your sanity and your soul.

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When we are immersed in nature, we become entrained with rhythms that far bigger than ourselves. Our time in nature can reset our nervous system, and let us feel gentleness and peace again.