Should I Take CBD Oil Every Day for My Anxiety?


It was already established that taking CBD oil for anxiety promotes relaxation and helps you to enjoy a stress-free life. In fact, as CBD oil has tremendous benefits in managing anxiety and stress, many people include this in their daily life without thinking much. But when it comes to using CBD oil, still fewer people actually know the proper use of CBD oil. In fact, some people think that to manage anxiety, CBD oil should be taken daily. But do experts think so? Well, below is a guide on using CBD oil for everyday anxiety, with details on whether it helps and how to use it.

CBD for Anxiety: Research and Evidence

Anecdotal research on CBD for anxiety shows promising findings. However, researchers need to do more. There are different types of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. One study conducted in 2011 investigated the CBD effects on people with social anxiety disorder. Participants were given 400mg of oral CBD, and anxiety was reduced.

Another study done in 2018 involving 57 male subjects found that CBD could improve anxiety. Participants were given 300mg, 150mg, or 600mg of CBD an hour and a half before a simulated public speaking test. Researchers found that 300mg of CBD significantly lowered anxiety, while those who took 150mg and 600mg experienced little effect.

Additionally, a 2019 study tested the use of 25mg, 50mg, and 75mg of CBD for anxiety. Most subjects’ anxiety reduced within the first month of use and stayed low.

Does CBD oil work for anxiety? CBD oil may help with anxiety, but more research is necessary. Studies that have been done are not extensive, and some involve few participants, while others used animals. That said, experts explain that CBD works in the body through the endocannabinoid system. The system regulates functions such as pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immunity

How to Use CBD Oil for My Everyday Anxiety

Using CBD oil for anxiety is simple. However, don’t confuse CBD oil with CBD tincture, as both of these CBD forms can be utilized sublingually.

In the case of CBD oil, place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds before swallowing to enhance CBD’s absorption. There are tiny blood vessels in the mouth through which CBD oil enters your bloodstream. You can also swish CBD oil in your mouth after holding it in to boost absorption.

Many brands offer CBD oil in bottles with droppers for measuring servings and adjusting doses easily. That aside, how long does CBD oil take to work for the anxiety? You should start feeling the CBD oil effects in 15-30 minutes. The formulation quickly enters your bloodstream through the capillaries in the mouth for circulation.

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

Besides knowing how to use CBD oil for anxiety, the dosage to administer is another vital aspect to understand. There is no universal dose for using CBD oil. Even preliminary studies used different doses, with participants getting 25mg to 600mg of CBD. Experts recommend that you start with a low dose, such as 10mg daily, and monitor how your body responds.

Stick to the same quantity and observe how your system reacts. If there is no change after a week, adjust the dosage gradually to find a CBD amount that helps your body. CBD oil is available in different potencies, ensuring users get the CBD strength they need.  

Potential Risks and Side Effects

The World Health Organization considers CBD safer with no risk of abuse. Most people tolerate CBD products with no issues. However, CBD has rare side effects, including diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, and changes in weight and appetite. However, these effects are more likely to occur when one uses high doses of CBD oil. Follow the dosage recommendations when taking CBD oil for anxiety.

CBD also interacts with some medications, such as those with a grapefruit warning. Ensure you consult your doctor if you are on medication before using CBD oil for anxiety. A physician with CBD expertise will establish if you can use CBD oil and recommend the dosage to utilize. Low blood pressure is a rare side effect of CBD, and speaking to a doctor is vital before using CBD.

Where Do I Get CBD Oil for Anxiety?

Here comes the most important part: where to CBD oil to manage stress? Well, as CBD is quite a new topic for many, it poses challenges to some to pick effective CBD oil for daily use. However, you can take a breath. Many premium brands in the market offer CBD oil for anxiety, which contains CBD made from organic hemp. Such hemp is free of chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, premium CBD brands clearly state where they source their hemp. U.S. hemp is high quality due to the strict rule’s farmers have to follow. The best manufacturers also use the CO2 method to derive CBD from hemp plants. The process is solvent-free, enabling brands to make safe CBD.  So, whether you purchase CBD oil online or offline, always consider reputable CBD brands, as their products are third-party tested. The best CBD oil undergoes third-party testing at a certified laboratory. The lab report should be quickly accessible for customers to ensure they know what they are consuming.

Brands use QR codes and batch numbers to give CBD users access to lab results. Remember also to check customer reviews of the CBD oil you intend to buy. Quality CBD oil has most users satisfied.

Closing Thoughts

Initial studies show promising results on using CBD oil for anxiety. CBD oil may improve anxiety, but more research is needed. High-quality CBD oil is safe, and most users tolerate CBD. Ensure you buy high-grade CBD oil to protect your health, and speak to a doctor before using CBD oil if you are on medication. Ensure you purchase premium CBD oil from reputable companies. Keep in mind the factors we have discussed above to ensure you settle for top-quality, safe CBD oil.

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