Pre-Planned Funerals Alleviate Stress

Death isn’t an easy topic of conversation to talk about, especially when it’s our death we’re talking about. For many, the only solution is to avoid the idea all together and pretend it won’t happen. As mistakes go, this is huge. Without thinking about and preparing for your own funerals, you’ll leave behind a mess of finances and an administration nightmare for our loved ones. To make sure your loved ones are fully supported even after your death, pre-planning your funeral is your only option.


Statistics show that the average funeral can cost approximately $7,000. That number affords only the most basic funeral without taking into account other extraneous service or monument that would make your funeral unique. To get the funeral you want, you could be looking at $10,000. If reckless enough not to put aside money to cover these costs, your family will end up having to pay for it all – even if they don’t have the resources to do so. No one wants to put their surviving loved ones in debt just by having a funeral.

A pre-planned funeral allows you to put aside money in a tax-free account, making monthly contributions that fit your financial situation. For those on a tighter budget, you can make manageable $5 contributions; for those who are flexible, you can choose to put aside more. As your account grows, you’ll know that it will go towards covering the fees associated with funeral homes, religious services, and monuments. At the time of your death, your account can’t be used to pay for anything but those services; not a single dollar can be diverted to cover debts or retirement home fees. That way, you can guarantee you’ll always protect your family from paying for your funeral.

When looking for a final needs provider, you should consider the other services they offer. You shouldn’t go with the provider that merely facilitates your monthly contribution; the provider you choose should be a valuable guide for all of your funerary needs. Their representatives should be able to provide pre-planning support, helping you make decisions regarding your service and monument. They should also be able to include document management after your passing.

By keeping these in mind, you’ll quickly realize that the Elephas Group offers unparalleled pre-planning services. Their knowledgeable and friendly representatives walk you through every step of your plan, helping you arrange services and secure an appropriate monument. They will also prepare all the necessary files to notify financial institutions and the government of your passing so that you loved ones receive the benefits that are afford them in the event of your death. To see the full range of their services, be sure to visit The Elephas Group online.

Death is hard enough without having the experts helping you along the way. To make sure your family is fully supported after you death, invest in a comprehensive final needs plans. Once you meet with a provider, talking about death will be much easier knowing you won’t create an overly stressful experience for your loved ones.

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