Picking the Right Packaging Company: What to Consider

Every business has packaging needs. Whether you are packaging bulk products, industrial packaging, or even retail packaging, there is a company out there that can help you with your packaging needs. The key to finding the right packaging company for your business lies in understanding what to consider when picking a company. In this post, we will show you how and why it’s important to pick the right packaging company for your business!

Picking the Right Packaging Company

What materials are you using for your product packaging design

There are many materials to choose from for your product packaging design. For example, a brown paper may be a good option for organic products because it is sourced from sustainable forests and is recycled. Corrugated cardboard is lightweight but strong and can be printed on with full-color graphics to show all the natural ingredients that go into your products at a glance. Containers such as glass jars or metal tins will survive multiple drops to the concrete floor without breaking if you’ve picked them up in time (and they’re reusable, not too expensive) – plus when they’re not in use they can look great sitting on shelves with other stylish home décor!

How many units will the packaging company need to produce per day

There are a lot of factors that would have to be answered in order to make this determination. Factors such as what type of product the packaging is being made for, what material it’s made out of, and how many units per day they currently produce will help determine the answer. In these cases there generally isn’t one set answer because the process usually needs to be customized depending on each scenario in order to create an effective solution. Creating industrial packaging is an intricate process that takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge, which is why it can vary from project to project, therefore it is important to hire the best packaging company to suit your needs.

What is your budget for this project 

The cost of packaging can vary depending on the needs and imaginations of a client, but properly picked it should not be expensive. Picking a top-notch company will ensure that you get the best prices, as well as great quality. The cost difference between two different companies for the same product can be anywhere from 1-5%. 

Will the company be designing a custom logo or label for the package, and if so, how much does that cost 

If a custom logo or label is needed, prices will depend on what you have in mind and how it should be designed to best represent your company. The logo is integrated into the design of the package, and it typically costs about $350 to take a client logo and make it one color. Logos can be embedded in most designs with the exception of foil embossed cards or die-cut shapes. This embedding process takes an additional four hours from start to finish. For this reason, we usually recommend that logos be kept plain and clean without any effects like bolding, outlines, or shadows so they will translate well on foil embossing applications when needed for more sophisticated packaging. 

If you’re not sure of what material to use, ask about sample packages they’ve made before and see which one best suits your needs 

Depending on the type of product and the specific properties you are looking for, different types of materials may be better suited. One way to figure this out is by comparing free samples from vendors online. This will show you tangible examples and help you take your first steps towards finding what is best for your project or brand.

Do you want an eco-friendly option – it’s always better for our environment!

The right packaging company is a vital part of environmentally friendly packaging. They design and engineer eco-friendly packages to decrease the use of materials that have a negative impact on the environment, they work hard to eliminate waste, and every package they produce has an expiration dating notice. But most importantly, they make sure these sustainable practices are affordable so that you can keep your goods safe while also being good for the environment.

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