Philip Rodrigs’ New Strategy for Success During COVID-19

Philip Rodrigs founded Raynar Portfolio Management just before the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the health of the world’s population and economy. To see it through the crisis the firm placed a high priority over the safety and wellbeing of its staff and clients during the pandemic, and its ethical and fair approach to business has helped the company persevere during its first seven months of operation.


Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM) is a mission-driven, client-centered investment firm dedicated to “searching high and low for great investments”. The firm commits itself to striving to find opportunities that best meet the needs of clients, recognising that all markets can provide impressive investment opportunities. Rodrigs’ goal in launching RPM is to ensure client success through every transaction based on ethical relationships and fair business practices.

During a recent interview with Investment Week, Rodrigs shares the new strategy the team he leads at RPM have developed for tackling investment opportunities during COVID-19 to provide his clients with diverse and profitable portfolios. Rodrigs explains that his strategy considers the current economic outlook due to the pandemic and identifies those companies that continue to thrive as a result of it.

During the interview, Rodrigs shares that he has been surprised to see the low valuations of some of the companies operating in these high-demand niches. Included in this list are video conferencing system, LoopUp, satellite broadband provider, BigBlu Broadband, and healthcare technology companies Avacta and Maxcyte.

The strategy for identifying such companies is to focus on certain trending and attractive industries that have offered resilient and reliable earnings which have accelerated with the help of COVID-19, and that currently sit at low valuations.

Another reason, Rodrigs notes, that RPM has seen such immediate success, is that they are a new company. Many portfolio managers are working hard to manage existing, long-term portfolios and during such economic turmoil, they are not left with time to seek out and identify new opportunities. RPM is in a unique position to offer its clients that option, and it has been working to everyone’s advantage so far.

About Philip Rodrigs

Philip Rodrigs is the founder of Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM), a portfolio management firm that specializes in micro-firm investments and embracing a client-first approach. He is an award-winning Chartered Financial Analyst with over two decades experience in investment management.

Rodrigs joined the professional investment industry in 2002 as a Trainee Fund Manager with Invesco Perpetual. He joined T Rowe Price International shortly thereafter, specializing in U.K. and European small cap stocks.

Rodrigs spent eight years with Investec Asset Management as U.K. Smaller Companies Fund Manager, U.K. Alpha Fund Manager, and U.K. Blue Chip Co-Fund Manager. During this time, he was twice named Investment Week U.K. Smaller Companies Manager of the Year in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Rodrigs was awarded the prestigious title of Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent.

In 2014, Rodrigs joined River and Mercantile Group earning another award as Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year in 2016. Building upon his entrepreneurial spirit, Rodrigs designed and launched a specialist Investment Trust winning What Investment Trust’s Best UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust in 2017.

Philip Rodrigs studied Economics and Management at Lincoln College, Oxford University and grew up in Nottingham, U.K. He has enjoyed doing his hobby for a job ever since his first personal investment 20 years ago.

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