The Perfect Pitch: 4 Top Business Presentation Tips

When executives of a company want to find top people to join them, they’ll want to hire people who are well versed, knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. In order to do this, they use everything from PowerPoint presentations to stand-up testimonials of how well other employees who just joined the company like being there.

Sometimes, presenters forget that there should be a personal point to their presentations. Looking attendees in the eye, smiling at them and being congenial is extremely important. Just about everyone has attended a conference where the presenter was snooty with a stand-offish attitude that some all-important presenters portray.


Number ONE: A Good Attitude is the Most Important Ingredient to Holding a Perfect Presentation

It’s not unusual for a presenter of the business at a conference to be nervous, but the key is to present a top-notch attitude to everyone in the room. While many presenters opt for a screen in front of the room and possibly animated figures showing what their business is about, nothing tops a person who’s easy to listen to and who smiles at their audience. Attendees would much rather listen to a knowledgeable presenter than watch cartoon characters on a screen.

Number TWO: Building Enthusiasm Creates a Desire

When a presenter is totally professional and committed to their position at their company, it’s much easier to convey that enthusiasm to the attendees. If they like where their career is taking them with the company, others will see their enthusiasm and feed on it. If they’re making a decision today to join the company and work with it, knowing that their presenter has already gone through what most attendees have been dreaming about will create an intense desire to do the same.\

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Number Three: Offering Good Reading Material in Exquisite Folders

Everything the presenter does at the seminar should evoke a truly fine representation of the company they’re presenting, from the various brochures the attendees are following along with, to the documents they may sign. Log onto to get ideas on many products that are needed by presenters. Many corporations order products beforehand for their presenters to hand out, such as T-Shirts, pens, folders, and products that are laminated.

Number Four: Building Up to a Terrific Ending

Once the presenter has talked about their own personal story, the history of the company and where it’s going in today’s world, they are now building up to a terrific ending. They have called on people in the audience asking them to tell why they’re here today and what they expect to gain from this seminar. They are passing out extra materials attendees can take away with them that will create more enthusiasm for the information they just heard. Many people leave with so much excitement they will join the company immediately.

Many presentations are done in large hotel rooms or in restaurants. The presenter may be a highly qualified person working with a vitamin or cosmetic company that’s searching for people they can sponsor to work with them. They may be an executive of a corporation that’s been sent out to search for people they can train to take over certain regions of the country. Regardless of the type of presentation the presenter decides to undertake, the four tips above will help them achieve their goal.

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