Ownerly Vs Zillow: The Ultimate Real Estate Test?

The property market is rising, and your home is worth more than a year ago, making it an appealing moment to sell.

But how much reliance can you place on internet estimates, such as Zillow’s Zestimate or the figures provided by Ownerly?

While your property’s Zestimate may have you wide-eyed, predicting what your home will sell for in fast-moving markets like this one is more difficult.

Let’s discuss what platform to choose and who takes the crown. 

What Is Ownerly? 


Ownerly is a real estate software startup that provides data about properties in the United States. 

  • The firm was founded in 2018, but it has quickly become a popular tool for locating information on property valuation and appreciation predictions, tax information, and renovations done to a property. 

The New York-based firm promises to utilize the same data banks use to assess property values. So, whether you’re a seller or a buyer, you might utilize Ownerly to determine property worth.

What Is The Cost? 

  • The organization now offers a seven-day trial for $1 to obtain house search results. 
  • There is also a $5 seven-day trial that includes unlimited PDF report downloads. 
  • Plan prices change after the trial period. 

How Does Ownerly Work? 

Those who have used Ownerly in the past or seen their advertisements might believe they can check a home’s valuation for free on the company’s website on a frequent basis. That is no longer true.

  • To begin the Ownerly process, just input a property address into the website or app. 
  • You must then wait roughly two minutes while data for that address is collected and formatted into a report.

However, you will not obtain the desired effects. Instead, you’ll be offered a seven-day trial subscription to Ownerly for either $1.00 or $5.00.

Each plan allows you to check up to 25 locations, but the costlier one also lets you download the findings in PDF format. 

  • After the trial time, the subscription automatically renews at $29.99 (plus tax) every month, allowing you to access an additional 25 reports each month.

You get more once you pay for your initial Ownerly report than you would by checking your figures. The essential figure, though, is the projected worth of the property. It’s calculated in the same manner that other websites estimate the value of a property using automated valuation models or AVMs.

Is Ownerly’s Valuation Accurate? 

AVMs rely on complex machine learning algorithms that integrate publicly accessible data about a home’s specifics, neighborhood, and the prices at which comparable properties have sold in recent months. Ownerly also makes use of proprietary data gathered by their parent data firm.

AVMs are highly precise. Appraisers frequently utilize them in their daily job. But here’s the problem. 

  • Any computer algorithm is only as good as the data generated. 
  • And the data websites use to calculate a house’s estimated worth isn’t as accurate or up-to-date as the data and information accessible to appraisers who have just visited a home.

What Is Zillow? 


Zillow began as a simple listing service in 2006. It then expanded to include proprietary Zestimates (research-based house value estimates), rentals, agent recommendations, financing alternatives, and substantial resources to assist home buyers, sellers, and renters in easily navigating the process of choosing a place to live. 

Zillow purchased Trulia, one of its main competitors, in 2015, becoming the Zillow Group. It remains the industry’s largest organization, so it has much to offer house shoppers.

This supremacy also means that the corporation doesn’t have to be as sensitive to the demands of smaller groups of clients. 

How Does Zillow Work? 

Zillow does provide a free account, but it is not required for casual browsing. However, the membership offers important incentives and resources for serious house buyers, sellers, and renters. 

The landing page of Zillow is customized to the user’s location. Users are encouraged to “Find it.” in the wording above the search box. Take a look around. 

  • Enter an address, neighborhood, or ZIP code to begin the search. 
  • Some alternatives are offered under “Homes For You” beneath the search box, with thumbnail images of homes in various price ranges. 
  • When a street or ZIP code is entered, a satellite map of the region appears, which users can scale with the roll of a mouse or by pinching or widening the image, with streets clearly highlighted. 

Homes for sale are marked by a red balloon with the price in white lettering by default, however, lingering over any building will cause a little green or grey balloon to spring up.

Another useful feature for house shoppers is viewing recently sold properties. 

  • A short click on a toggle button in the header reveals yellow balloons on recently sold properties. 
  • Clicking on the balloons displays the selling price, date of sale, and any accessible images, as well as comparable properties in the vicinity. 

This can assist a buyer in determining whether a neighborhood is in flux, having lately had a lot of turnovers, and it can assist a buyer in asking the correct questions of a real estate agent.

Are Zillow’s Valuations Accurate? 

Real estate websites might simply remark, “We estimate a 50% chance that this home would sell between $X and $Y.” property buyers and sellers may then obtain an instant, intuitive sense of how accurate each property value estimate is based on how far apart $X and $Y are.

Zillow provides the accuracy of their Zestimates, so we can use that data to convert their Zestimates into estimated sales price ranges for particular houses.

Online home value estimators are significantly superior to a few years ago but will not replace expert appraisers’ value estimations.

They’re useful data points for house sellers as long as they understand that internet home value estimates are only estimates.

Important Note:- Hire a professional appraiser or a trusted real estate agent to get the most accurate assessment of your home’s value before listing it for sale.

So, Which Fares Better: Ownerly Or Zillow? 

In hindsight, there are several factors that go into estimating a house’s value. Both perform well when it comes to estimating a house’s value. Those AMVs are based on detailed analysis and intricate work of algorithms, so it is hard to say!! 

But Ownerly overall shows much more accurate results when compared to Zillow. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable option, Zillow is your way forward. 

Ownerly And Zillow Comparisons 

User Experience

While they both work on amazing algorithms and a very simple-to-understand UI. Zestimates from Zillow is easy to use; even a novice can figure it out. 

Full Control 

If you want complete control over your home’s acquisition or sale, an online platform like Ownerly is the way to go. You will have the last say on everything from pricing and budget to marketing and screening potential buyers or properties. 

However, on the other hand, Zillow will hire agents to sell your house, which will need a commission charge paid by the seller in the future.


Both take the win on this one!! If you have time, selling or buying online is not terrible. You can establish your timetable, take your time making marketing decisions, and not feel pushed. 

More Real Estate Awareness

Platforms like Zillow and Ownerly are fantastic sellers, buyers, and brokers’ resources! 

The key to generating money with these platforms is using them with other marketing methods. Whether it is social media, display advertisements, or other promotional strategies, a single platform is usually insufficient to get people to view your house. 

Similarly, sensible purchasers frequently seek reliability in internet listings, which includes supporting material and facts.

Faster Selling 

Essentially, Zillow will buy your house and then sell it for you. On the one hand, it saves you significant time and energy. On the other hand, you should be prepared to sell at a lesser price than you had anticipated. 

It must be reasonably new and in good shape, as more repairs mean lower earnings. Whether your house is in good shape and you want a quick sale, you can fill out their eligibility form to see whether Zillow Offers is perfect for you.


Whether you go online or hire an agent depends entirely on your comfort, expertise, and budgetary and time constraints. 

If you’re undecided, hiring an agent is a safe bet that allows you greater flexibility as a seller or buyer. If you want greater control and to be really hands-on with the entire process, consider using Ownerly or another platform. Finally, you must select the best for you and your real estate requirements.

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