Overcome Hurdles In Life By Strengthening Your Emotional Armor

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Not all of us are armored with inborn qualities to face the trials and tribulations of life. We can all give in to our emotions and suffer at the hands of misery. We are not perfect; in fact, our imperfections make us who we are. However, we can constantly upgrade our coping mechanisms to situations through emotional intelligence training and reach a higher state of existence. Today, I am sharing with you several tips that will enable you to tackle unfavorable circumstances with adequate emotional response.

1.     A Concrete Will Power

Somebody once asked me what the purpose of life is. I pondered for a few minutes and replied. “Life is the name of suffering and our objective is to find meaning in this suffering”. Tragedy can befall any of us at any time. We all feel indignant when we are wronged, our spirit deflates seeing others of our age excel and hopes crumble when luck does not knock at our doors. We all feel hard done by – this is life and you are no different.

In order to truly stay at the top and unearth the meaning of life, I suggest you imbue yourself with the following three qualities: Hard Work, Determination, and Honesty. This triad will enable you to pursue a path that would be long and tedious. Nonetheless, you will reach your destination. Rest assured. Do not let your negative emotions get the better of you. Take pride in yourself, follow your inner calling and do not pay heed to your naysayers.

2.     Channel Your Hate Into Something Productive

Reading this piece, I assume you are a young individual, bursting with hormones. While it is easy to express dissent when things do not work the way you want them to, the real achievement is to keep your composure, stay put and channel all that hate, fury and resentment into something productive.

In order to be at the top of your game and reclaim yourself, you need to burn excess emotional energy. It could be in the form of high-intensity workouts or meditation or any physical sport. They serve as catalysts to your emotional fitness.

3.     Patience Is The Greatest Virtue Known To Man

Most people of our generation want to see instant results. They are unwilling to put in the shifts and expect to see results overnight. This is not how things work. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, you need to have a long-term vision, plan things properly, be patient and keep grinding.

Understand that the essence of life is the dichotomy of good and evil, malevolence and benevolence. We can become vulnerable to the ugliness around us. You need to be steadfast in all dealings of life; does not matter if you are in a domestic or a professional setting. You need your emotional intelligence to shine through. At the end of the day, we are all mortals and vulnerable to adverse situations around us. What counts is how well we condition our emotional response to tackle them.

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