Most Popular Podcast Interview Questions of All Time

Interviews are the most exciting part of Podcasts. One needs to have a correct format of questions that would make the podcast appealing to the audience. Before becoming an excellent interviewer, one must research a lot and create questions that would make the interview detailed. Hence, here is a list of popular podcast interview questions of all times, which would help you to create the perfect questionnaire to gain more audience.

What are the Most Popular Podcast Interview Questions?

The essential part of an interview is the questions, and there is no doubt in that. An interviewer always has to study a lot and do extensive research to form a few questions, which would make the entire interview interesting for the audience. You need to create a questionnaire with a list of questions you need to ask the guest, to get as many details as much is required for the podcast. Hence, here is a list of the most popular podcast interview questions of all time.

What is the most memorable incident in your life?

You can modify the question and ask about the most memorable incident in their work-life or personal life.

What was the toughest part of the work?

You have to try and get more details related to their work. It would be best if you asked more about the tough days that they faced at their job.

What was your feeling when you landed up with this offer?

To know a person more, you need to bring out their emotions, and how they react to incidents. In this way, the audience would be able to learn a lot more about the guest’s emotional quotient.

How did you prepare yourself for the work?

Every person tries to follow a schedule, a proper method to prepare for their work. It would be best if you asked them about their routine, the entire process behind the job, and how they prepared themselves for the task.

What were the funniest moments at work?

With this question, you would ease the interview smoothly. Asking to know about funny moments, always makes the entire conversation amusing as well as entertaining. This would make the guest comfortable, and they would have absolute fun describing the funny moments they had at work.

Who helped you the most during the period?

To know more about the peer group or the people the guest is close to, you have to ask them about the ones who helped them through their work tenure. Through this question, you would learn about their support system, and who helped them achieve the best in work.

Do you want to change any part of your life?

If you wish to know about one person’s secrets, you need to see if they have any regrets or any incidents that they would like to change in their lives. In this way, you would easily be able to get an idea regarding their personal lives.

Who is the essential individual in your life?

The only way to know more about one’s circle of friends is to ask them about the one person they are immensely close to. Through this question, you would be able to reach the point where you get details about that significant someone who matters the most.


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Points to Remember before the Interview

Before the interview, one has to keep a few points in mind, which would make the entire podcast appealing. With these essential points, you would be able to prepare yourself well before the interview.

Always introduce the guest

You have to do detailed research about the guest you would be interviewing. Always start the podcast by giving a brief introduction about the guest, rather than jumping straight into the questions. Providing an introduction would let the audience know a little bit about the guest. Moreover, the guest would appreciate your knowledge about him. This makes the entire interaction casual and comfortable.

Ask fewer questions with long answers

The trick to make an interview interesting is asking the essential questions instead of beating around the bush. Don’t ask too many unnecessary questions. Try to ask fewer questions, but the answers to them should be detailed. Think about what you wish for your audience to hear, and formulate those questions, that would lead to the answers you expected. It would be best if you had detailed research on the particular individual to develop such questions that would bring out the hidden secrets and unheard stories.

Try to make the ambiance easy

The focus of the entire interview should be a casual conversation between you and the guest. The best way to achieve the best answers is to make the whole ambiance comfortable for the guest. The interview shouldn’t be filled with awkward silences. You should carry an air of natural confidence, which would inevitably make the guest comfortable.

Listen and form questions 

Even though you would have a questionnaire format in hand, don’t try to go point by point. Listen to the guest and form questions attached to the previous answers, to make the entire interview smooth. Listening is the primary key to have a brilliant discussion. Focus on what the guest is saying, and not on the questions you already had formed earlier.

An interview is always arranged to learn more about one particular person. The entire aim of the discussion is to find out the hidden details about that person, focus on their day-to-day lives, and discuss their work schedules and routines. To make an interview successful, you must include questions based on every part of their lives – personal and professional. You would also have to respect their secrecy and not pressurize them if they feel uncomfortable. Try not to ask the same questions repeatedly. The popular questions would help you make the interview comfortable for the guest and be interesting for the audience. An excellent interview would attract more audience and help promote your podcast more.

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