Most Common Tendering Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Writing a tender can be a tricky thing to do. To make sure that you are writing error-free answers and the tender reviewers can find no space to ignore your written response, you need to follow some tips. In this article, we are about to discuss the most common tendering mistake and how exactly to avoid such errors.

  1. Not answering a question correctly– Even though this sounds something weird but, this is probably the most common error that most of you make when writing an answer for tender. Maximum people make this mistake without even realizing it. Now there are several reasons that you may not answer the questions correctly, like when you do not understand the subject, and you end up partially answering it because you are probably desperate to convey a message regardless of the question.
  2. Not addressing specific requirements- This is again a general mistake most people make when answering tender questions. You often tend to list down about all the excellent work you have done in the past without even paying attention to what the organization requires, particularly for this service. To avoid this mistake, you must remember that a tender is not an opportunity to sell your services. Instead, it is an opportunity where you can demonstrate your capability of meeting and exceeding the requirements of the commissioning body.
  3. Insufficient detail– Overly brief or superficial answer, both can end up in losing perfect opportunities to win bids. The descriptions and propositions must all be detailed to have credibility and show the tender reviewers what exactly they are buying. You must make sure that the reports and proposals must be detailed to show the reviewers what exactly they are buying. You must exhibit all your achievements and prove to them that you are capable of delivering what they claim.
  4. Avoid irrelevant information- In case you are not getting any attention or positive feedback from the reviewers, you must be sure that you have provided utterly unrelated information and content. So to get attention, you must always make sure that your responses are relevant and direct, involving no long-winged stories. You must keep the content crisp and mention valid points if you genuinely intend to make a good impression and increase your chances of winning bids.
  5. Compliance errors- In some cases, the questions in tenders may ask you to be accountable for some agreements while maintaining specific standards and regulatory or legal requirements. Now, if your responses do not reflect on the expected standards, then you are most likely to lose marks based on the discrepancy for not agreeing with their terms and conditions.
  6. Not adding value to the answer- In most of the cases, you get extra marks per response for showing where and how you can add value to the contract. This requires a detailed understanding of what the commissioning body wants specifically for this contract and generally. So this will need you to do proper research about the organization’s background.
  7. Plagiarised content- Another worst issue that most people do is cut and pastes some other material for the answers. So this does not look good at all when you are bidding for someone’s business and submitting then plagiarized solutions as a tender response.
  8. Check your grammar- While answering the bidding questions; make sure that you must have a command over your English language. You must give the buyers confidence that you have a professional organization.

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