Maxims for Success in Business

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There are dozens of tiny factors that come together to determine the successful realization of a business venture or enterprise. As such, there’s no single technique, strategy or skill that guarantees an entrepreneur will achieve their goals. Though in spite of this, there are some core principles that go a long way towards optimizing your chances of seizing success at the opportune moment. Below we’re taking a look at some crucial maxims that all successful modern business people and organizations employ in order to ensure they’re staying at the top of their game, and maintaining their position as leaders in their sectors.


Ask many of the most successful people on earth and you’ll soon find a particular commonality: the majority are avid readers. A commitment to constant learning is a vital aspect of maximizing your productivity and effectiveness in business, and in life. With the rapid advance of technology, keeping up on prevailing trends and concepts can sometimes feel like a full time job. Fortunately, there are great ways to maximize your education without sacrificing too much time and energy to research. Learning how to read effectively is a skill that is about more than just speed reading. Avid readers learn to quickly assess whether a book is worth their time with a few simple tricks. For example, by initially reading just the first and last chapter of a book you generally get a good outline of the topics covered within. If it then appears that this particular book has the information you’re looking for, you can feel assured that reading the rest of the book will be a sound investment. Recently, platforms such as Blinkist are attempting to solve the riddle of everyone loving to read, yet nobody having the time to do so by providing 15-minute audio summaries of many popular non-fiction books, meaning you get the barebones information completely on-demand and readily accessible.


Taking time to relax, recharge and have fun is an essential ingredient in ensuring you’re primed for success. While the old school concept of “work hard, play hard” still holds for some, widespread understanding of mental health and the deleterious effects of stress have destigmatized the taboo around burnout and exhaustion. Everyone needs to rest if they’re to be able to perform at their best when the time comes. Working professionals from around the world seek out all kinds of recreation in their down time. For example, 71% of adults enjoy playing mobile games in South Africa, with some looking to win instant cash with no deposit bonuses on mobile platforms such as, and others preferring the sort of laid back casual titles available in the Google Play and Apple app stores. With over a million games to choose from in these directories, there’s something for everyone. Pinpointing how you best unwind and de-stress is a sound investment, irrespective of where you are in the world. For certain personality types, a vigorous workout at the gym is the best way to unwind, whereas for others this is much more effectively achieved through a long bath and a nourishing meal.


This one is admittedly tongue in cheek, especially given the fact we just dedicated so much time to highlighting the vital importance of adequate rest and relaxation in determining success. Yet, even though the classic working professional attitudes of the 90s and early 00s that led to many businesses and projects failing to get off the ground due to a poor understanding of the risk factors of burnout, some degree of persistence must remain in every enterprise. While it’s important to have boundaries, and manage your work-life balance, the reality for many entrepreneurs is that some element of their professional lives remains “always on”. Missing a crucial meeting or opportunity due to being otherwise occupied may suit some, but for many, guiding a business or project to success is a vocation that transcends the basic definitions of a job. Sometimes you have to put in the hours, especially in the early stages, or in the face of imminent deadlines, in order to achieve your goals. Of course, this can be approached intelligently, but it cannot be wholly avoided if your passion is to be your own boss and see things through on your own terms.

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