Why Marketing is an Ideal Degree Specialism for Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering if you need to further your education at all. You’ve got the ideas, and the internet has made it easier than ever to launch you own business. So, wouldn’t it be better to just get started instead of spending time and money on a degree? While this may be true of business degrees, have you considered a marketing degree? Studying an online marketing degree program would allow you to start your business while you study, whilst helping you to gain invaluable skills in marketing that will help your business grow from the very start.

You Need Marketing

You absolutely need to market your business. You could create the greatest product, have the best website, or the most useful skills to offer, but if no one knows about them it won’t get you anywhere. Marketing is everything from getting the design and branding of your company right, and cohesive, making you instantly recognizable, to adverts and promotions. Good marketing can be the key to success. As a new business, it can take you years to build up a customer or client base. Effective marketing strategies can reduce this time and make you profitable much faster.

Learn Up to Date Skills

This is a great time to study marketing. The internet, and the astronomical growth of social media has completely revolutionized the marketing tools at our disposal. You no longer need to rely on advertising, paying others to show or print your adverts, as you can do it yourself. Studying marketing now would give you up to date, first-hand knowledge of current, and up and coming marketing strategies giving you a huge advantage over many established companies in your field, and certainly over any other new starters.

Keep Your Company Relevant

A marketing degree, and the knowledge it brings will enable you to implement these tools from the very beginning. You’ll have social media profiles, you’ll be using video and mobile optimizations, and your website will be set up for current SEO trends, as well as those set to grow in the coming years. You company will be relevant, modern and refreshing.

A Fall Back

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always going to be easy. You may find a few companies fail before you make one into a success. Some ideas will grow, while others will be left behind. At times, you might find money is tight, and you just don’t have enough customers coming in. A marketing degree could offer you a great fall back. As well as using your skills to help your own company, you can offer to help or teach others. Even just consulting as a freelancer could provide a welcome income.

While you can, of course, employ a marketing professional or team to take care of all your marketing needs, when you’re just starting out, can you afford this extra expense? Study an online marketing degree while you’re working, and you’ll be able to do it all yourself. Learn a new range of skills that could help you take your company forward for many years to come.

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