Maintaining Mental Health and Productivity Balance in a Work-Space

Maintaining mental health and productivity balance in a work-space

I remember one of my previous jobs rather well. It wasn’t even about the fact it was sales oriented (not your usual dream job), but that the atmosphere on the premises felt toxic in a way. That alone made me think about quitting the job without having the obvious reason I can share freely and not worrying about being misunderstood.

I guess it all added up to it, the people and their attitude, the manager’s (lack of) insight into the daily flow, the absence of any proper eating and resting area and the aggressive lighting. It wasn’t nearly the worst place I worked at, but little things were off and it piled up.

That made me contemplate about the possible tweaks that could easily and often inexpensively lead to the functional office transformation. Repairing the weak spots can create a balance and a feeling of ease every employee needs.

Social dimension

Let’s start with the most challenging aspect of them all, to my opinion. The managers and their superiors should take active part in monitoring and designing a social plan, and presenting the prescriptive behaviour. Although it may sound harsh to you, it is quite common for a company to have a specific culture that they like to nurture and encourage among their employees. After all, it is also one of the key factors in choosing a new staff member.

The dynamics of interpersonal communication involve the respect of personal workspace, sufficient privacy level and respectful verbal demeanour. Lastly, comedic intermezzos are often a good way to loosen up the atmosphere, when appropriate.

Steady focus

Whether you’re suffering from some form of ADHD or the distractions often get the best of your professional focus, it is a valid topic to address workspace wise. The interior should be plain with modest decoration, or prudently coloured, so it wouldn’t grasp too much of our attention. We know about some soothing tints, like green, but how about productivity-boosting hues?

According to Feng Shui and expert psychologists, orange is the energizing agent you want in your working environment. Manipulate the details or wall colour to instil a sunnier attitude. Other factors that come into play when concentration is concerned are:

  • music and its volume
  • enclosures
  • noise muffling elements (rugs, wallwork)
  • office policy of quietness

Steady focus


The importance of exercise and private nooks

The majority of office jobs demand round the clock sitting, and some companies sadly also ask you to sign a clause that makes you conform to such conditions. I find this move thoroughly counterproductive as people inevitably get jittery and their productivity is bound to drop. Solution: just any exercise will do, even stretching. Investing in smaller piece of equipment such as stationary bike can make the employees pumped up for new business victories.

Separate kitchen and dining place where you can sit back and relax without obligations floating around you could help us to really unwind and recharge our batteries. Meditation or quiet room is a sorely needed space for many devastatingly stressed out businesspeople and I hear more and about the success of this concept, from close friends to respected newspaper article studies. Finally, a clean room is a proved technique leading to a clear mind. A handy set of steam cleaners would quickly facilitate these conditions.

Stress diminishment

If you thought we dealt with all workplace stressors by now, you are at fault unfortunately. The pressure we experience from the job matter itself and the goals that are constantly pushed upon us can have an adverse effect on our overall mental state. Dear bosses, recalibrate your targets and adopt a more realistic approach that’s flexible and above all, humane.

Light therapy

I never thought about the essential character of vitamin D sun produces and how people deprived of it frequently suffer from depression. The properties of natural light are also beneficial to women battling with extreme symptoms of hormonal imbalance that induce negative state of mind. So, think windows and maximise the natural illumination input.

Psychological strength and balance can often be interrupted under the pressure of emerging tasks and unhealthy atmosphere. Get to the right track with these sound advice.

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