Laws That Governs Car Title Lending Business

Auto financing

Credit now comes to you on wheels in the form of car title loans. But as wheels can go round and round if not controlled and steered to the right direction so can these auto title loans. It is for this reason that there are so many rules and standards set to prevent you from being duped or pushed into the deep, black debt hole.

Auto title lending is a very useful alternative to people looking for money to meet their specific needs, especially for those people who find that all other traditional sources of credit are scarcer or difficult to obtain. With such increase in demand for alternative financial service providers for need or want money, the need of a proper governing body cannot be overlooked.

The process

According to the law, these alternative financial lenders or fringe banking firms must follow a specific precise to grant such a loan.

  • They take collateral of a personal property for providing loans at very high interest loans.
  • Few may even tie a very small dollar amount to the next paycheck of the borrower.
  • In this type of loan, a borrower typically takes it out for a month at a high interest rate.
  • The car title is the security interest to the lenders but should not have any other liens on it meaning it should be clear and paid up.
  • If the borrower defaults on payment of the loan the creditor has the legal right to repossess the collateral vehicle and sell it to recoup the money loaned.

However, in reality the Car loans in Kearny Mesa San Diego has not been able to generate the same erudite interest as the payday loans or pawning.

The growing concern

Quite naturally and not surprisingly, such transactions have created a concern among the finance policymakers. This is due to several reasons such as:

  • The borrowers in this specific segment of the lending market involve those people who do not belong to the mainstream banking system or the finance market.
  • This means that these borrowers are potentially risking their valuable asset if not the most valuable one that was probably the only means of transportation to them.
  • The title lending rates are also a point of concern for the finance policymakers the warrants for a little more empirical work.

All in all, these concerns compelled the policymakers to understand the dominant questions and look for thee answers so that they can craft the optimal title lending laws.

About the law

Ideally, the states regulate the title loans and have several different approaches for it. However, there are a few common legal analyses of the diverse mechanisms that the states use to govern these loans. These laws ideally tackle the two primary issues such as:

  • Part I deals with the new empirical evidence regarding the lending transaction to reduce the risk of borrowers with state regulators for public disclosure statements and others.
  • Part II creates taxonomy of these regulatory approaches. 

These laws authorize and regulate title loans and are mandatory for all title lending.

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