Kartikeya Sharma and iTV Network Are Delivering Current Events like Never Before

Kartikeya Sharma, Promoter of iTV Network

Kartikeya Sharma, the founder of iTV Network, and his team have been providing Indian viewers with authentic and distinguished news content since 2007. The iTV media group has gained such popularity because of their two main TV channels, i.e. India News and NewsX, which are known for giving people what they want in terms of news content. They tackle the most prevalent issues, and perhaps the more controversial ones which are often not taken up by other channels. Along with their channels, the iTV group has also branched out to other mediums, such as newspapers and online platforms, so that the people can stay informed at all times.

Their most recent coverage was of the Lok Sabha Elections, which proved to be very successful. This is because the team put all their resources in covering it, and even introduced some cutting-edge technology, like NewsX AI, in a bid to improve the viewer experience. The event was covered in a very comprehensive manner on all their platforms, including the newspapers, the English weekly the Sunday Guardian, and the Hindi paper Aaj Samaaj. The Lok Sabha elections were also televised in the most remote areas of India through their regional channels in Punjab, Gujarat, Karnataka and Odisha. The winners of some of the top accolades at the ENBA awards of 2018, really did outdo themselves with the broadcast of the General Elections.

After the elections took place, Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV Network hosted some important events, such as the India Next Conclave, which hosted discussions about the Modi government’s 100-days agenda. The purpose of the event was to present a critical overview of the government and about what the authorities had planned on doing over the first 100 days after taking office. The participants at this conclave included Cabinet Ministers, as well as the leaders of the opposition. The discussions proved to be most interesting as the participants had detailed talks about the prevailing issues in India and how ought to be tackled. Issues like climate change, water supply, housing, development of the Northeastern states, agriculture and much more. Events like these are extremely important to keep the general public informed about the goings-on in the corridors of power, and to hold government officials accountable.

While keeping people updated in terms of current affairs and news breaks from around the globe, Kartikeya Sharma also wants India to succeed in the world of sports. The founder and promoter of ProSportify, Kartikeya Sharma wants the country to have a well-established sporting infrastructure, training and coaching processes and more facilities for athletes, so that they come together and compete internationally. According to Sharma, ProSportify is an attempt to bridge the gap between India sports and international standards, and to enable the bolstering of sporting talent on these shores. The sporting enterprise was founded in 2015, with the objective of setting a new benchmark for sports management in India. Sharma, who is an immensely talented man himself, aims to attract sporting talent that will take the name of India to new heights. ProSportify is a platform whereby Indian athletes can get the international recognition they deserve.

With the iTV Network has positioned itself as a leader in the media industry, Sharma now wants to do the same for ProSportify in relation to the sporting industry. And he is determined to do so. He is known for his willpower, and we have no doubts that he will manage to accomplish this in due course.

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