Improve your Restaurant’s Image in Five Easy Steps

Word of mouth travels a lot quicker than it used to because we now live in a digital world. Having a positive image for your restaurant is vital. Continue reading for our five easy steps showing you how it is possible to improve yours.

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1. Social Media Presence

Engaging with customers, both existing and potential, is fantastic and social media makes it ever so easy to do. Unfortunately, simply posting a new menu and doing nothing else is not good enough and people will become frustrated if you do not respond to their questions. Replying to queries and commenting on people’s words are both important things to do to ensure people keep returning to your accounts, whatever social media platform you are using. 

2. Good Quality Images

Every single time you use a photograph of your delicious food, people will judge based entirely on that. No one can smell the aroma of your pasta dish nor taste the amazing flavour combinations, so ensuring that the quality of your images is top notch is imperative. Food photographers can help with this as they know the right kind of light to use and can make everything look as good as it possibly can. Use these photographs on social media, especially Instagram, as well as on your menu, as part of an advertising campaign and within any blog posts you may choose to write.

3. Encourage and Respond to Feedback

Encouraging your customers to provide you with feedback based on their experiences in your restaurant is a really great thing to do. Showing that you have nothing to hide and that you welcome all reviews, whether positive or constructive, means that people will view you as a restaurant trying to be the best you possibly can. Responding to feedback online and in person shows that you care. Furthermore, showing that you have taken action in order to reflect customer suggestions also shows your caring side.

4. Invite Food Bloggers and Reviewers In

Having food critics or bloggers visit your establishment is a fantastic way of helping to raise its profile. Although the temptation is to up your game if you know someone is there to review your food and service, it is important that they receive the same experience as any other diner. If you do have room to improve, surely this should be an aim of yours to do regardless of having a critic visit. 

5. Help Your Local Community

Being known for your generosity and support of local good causes can really help to improve your restaurant’s name. It is fantastic advertising too. Whether it is a local youth football team whose kit you sponsor or you donate a meal for two voucher as part of a charity raffle, doing this will give you a massive sense of achievement, knowing that you are able to do your bit. Charity nights are another thing to consider. You could donate a certain amount of your profits to a local good cause. Alternatively, allow use of your premises for an event the charity organises.

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