Ideazon Crowdfunding Experts: What You Should Know!

Ideazon crowfunding experts

Entrepreneurs, authors, inventors and creative types who want to raise money for a project often have no idea how crowdfunding works, but that’s to be expected. The concept of reaching out to large numbers of online viewers for the purposes of financing an idea is still a relatively new one. That’s why it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a consultant who intimately understands the many varieties of crowdfunding.

Is Ideazon Right for My Project?

Ideazon is a crowdfund marketing organization that assists individuals and organizations who are trying to reach financial goals by taking an idea directly to potential consumers and investors. The team at Ideazon is the top-ranked consultation organization in the business. With a success rate well above 85 percent, Ideazon’s professionals bring ideas to life for individuals or groups who utilize platforms like IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, Kickstarter and more. The team’s hundreds of former clients attest to their success whether you are aiming to raise a small amount of money or in excess of $1 million.

Is Crowdfunding the Right Option for You?

If your project is one that might not get a second look from traditional financing sources like mainstream banks and investment professionals, then crowdfunding might be the smart way to go. A successful campaign can do an end-run around old fashioned banking and loan arrangements by going directly to potential consumers and backers. A well-designed crowdfunding campaign can bring in funds that get a project off the ground and into the profit-making zone in short order.

How to Select the Best Crowdfunding Platform

Before you start any type of crowdfunding campaign, it’s vitally important to know what kind of platform is the best match for your particular project. Sites like Kickstarter have large built-in audiences but are highly competitive and don’t boast the highest completion rates for fundraising goals. Also, Kickstarter and similar platforms are “all-or-nothing,” which means if you don’t reach your monetary goal within a specified time then you will receive no funds at all.

On the other hand, several platforms, notably Indiegogo and GoFundMe, work differently. Both sites offer fundraisers the option to retrieve any money raised by the time the campaign ends, even when the goal has not been reached. Likewise, GoFundMe, Indiegogo and similar crowdfunding platforms, don’t necessarily have large built-in audiences like Kickstarter but can be the ideal way for niche products and specialty items to gain significant backing.

Why You Should Partner with Ideazon

At Ideazon, the entire team works on your project to make sure you have a concrete pre-launch marketing strategy before day one. The professionals at Ideazon work hard to build interest in your project, generate traffic for your main crowdfunding site, and then convert that traffic into contributions.

Start Your Road to Success Today!

Check out Ideazon’s website today at and discover how your project can become reality. Like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or visit their blog for more crowdfunding tips and tricks. If you want to end the procrastination and finally move your concept from the planning stages to the “do it” level, Ideazon can help you get off square one and start bringing in the funds necessary for success.

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