Why Do You Need an HR Team?

Chief Human Resources Officers can be a huge boon to a company when deployed correctly, but many CEOs struggle to make the most of their HR Departments. Today we have a short guide showing what you Human Resources experts can do for you, and how to get the best out of them.

Motivation and Engagement

It’s a naive CEO who thinks their HR department only takes care of payroll and holiday bookings. A better employee environment makes employees more committed and gets more productivity from them, and a better employee environment is measured in things like:

– Compensation packages that reward individuals based on what motivates them

– Regular, well run review programs to recognise successes and identify areas to build

– Good communication about the direction of the business and future plans

– Taking feedback from employees to give them a stake in future of the business, and make a difference

A good HR department that’s empowered by the backing of the Board can get more out of your company by unlocking the talent in the employees you’ve hired, making sure they are in an environment where they are motivated to excel. As well as this they can nip potential problems in the bud by resolving employee disputes professionally and amicably and making sure your business is compliant with all government rules.

Lisa Gerhardt, an HR specialist from Savannah Recruitment goes as far as describing a Human Resource leader as vital to the CEO, their “trusted partner who will act as a confidante as well as the conscience of the business”.

Unlocking Potential

To show your HR team they are valued, and give them the resources they need to optimise your business, you can start with small steps, today.

Get your CHRO involved in high level meetings: if your board is discussing changes to the direction of the company, HR can not only offer guidance but act more quickly on the information, quietly getting the company ready to pivot in your new direction even before a formal announcement.

This is also a good way to show that you’re throwing your backing behind the HR team: they are represented right at the top and therefore worthy of attention.

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