How we Got Over the Fear of SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the significant elements of the digital marketing world. Undoubtedly, it is useful in gaining a lot of benefits like generating traffic, earning a tremendous amount of audience and so on. But there is another aspect of SEO famous among the business owners and that is fear.

As business beginners in the digital marketing world, we also experienced the feeling of dread. Being the internet business owners, we also used to live in the perpetual fear when it was about:

  • Getting enough rankings
  • Losing the ranking
  • Not getting the conversions from traffic
  • Not obtaining the sufficient links
  • Receiving the wrong links

These fears are very normal, and we integrated the solutions so that overcoming the fear is effortless. You don’t have to feel apprehension as we are going to share the experience with you so that working on the fear gets easy for you as well.

Why are people scared when it’s about SEO?

As when we entered the world of digital marketing we also feared SEO, and we thought it is something impossible. But then we focused our attention on identifying the reasons that why people extensively fear SEO.

SEO fear
  • It’s complicated

The owners of business, whether it is small or large, find SEO very complicated. There is no doubt that it is not a piece of cake but then is not also any rocket science either. It is a fact that the world of digital marketing is unstable. However, it is continually evolving and changing so there is no guarantee that if it is working today than it would work tomorrow as well.

  • Algorithms keep on changing

Google frequently keep on changing the algorithm updates that means you cannot anticipate being at the top of SERPs. Business owners are scared of this reason mainly.  It is scary as it cause penalties to the websites and even at times is penalized without any notice.

  • SEO doesn’t bring results instantly

It is one other reason that business owners are scared of SEO. With a lot of competitors around it gets difficult to expect any effect immediately. Investing hugely in SEO is something that can help in obtaining fast results but that’s also is not an easy task.

How can you overcome the fear of SEO?

For your augmented comprehension, here are some of the following solutions that we applied to overcome the fear of SEO:

  • Writing content for the visitors or readers

It is essential for you to realize this as you can quickly create content related to SEO and that Google may like it but if your website is unable to stick to the traffic, then you will lose the rankings. You need to put your emphasis on this because it helps in giving the boost to search engine.

Ensure that you place the keywords appropriately throughout the content and consider headlines for better results. You should confirm that your visitors are happy. So, write for the visitors first and then look after the optimization for the search engine.

Content writing
  • Building links

A significant element of SEO is building links. It means that you need to link to other sites that are full of quality and also providing them access to your links as well. The emphasis should be on quality and not on quantity. Links are obtainable from social media websites, press release, blogs, directories, article etc.

  • Research your competitors

While we were working on how to overcome the fear of SEO, we came to know researching the competition is essential. You should examine your competitors for finding the phrases of keywords that they target, their content and links they have obtained. This kind of research can be useful in uncovering the phrases of keyword that are unhidden and that you can target.

  • Monthly analytics and consulting

Reviewing the analytics of the website is essential including traffic and ranking as it helps in preparing the report. Consulting the professional’s is helpful in making any changes to the algorithm, trends, practice and technology. The critical step of the SEO campaign is review, test and improve. It is one of the best tips that we have identified to accomplish our goals of SEO.

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