How to Write Backwards Text and Convert it Into Handwriting

Write Backwards Text

Backward text or mirrored text is just a fun way to tease your friends and family and occasionally get surprised when someone is able to read it correctly.

It can be used as a clue in treasure hunting and other activities that require a party/group of people. But let’s face it, writing out backward text by hand is not a fun experience.

You write at least thrice as slow and sometimes the mirrored text is wrong as well. But that’s where tools that can generate backward text are used. And the neat part? You can make it look like the text was handwritten as well, by utilizing a handwriting converter.

In this article, you will see step-by-step instructions on how to write backward text and then convert it to handwriting in an easy and accessible way.

How to Write Backwards Text and Convert it Into Handwriting?

1. Find a Backward Text Generator

The first step is quite simple, you need to find a backward text generator. A simple Google search for the term “backward text” will net you plenty of results. Most of these tools are free as well so there will be no need to pay anyone anything.

Find a Backward Text Generator

The top three results are pretty safe to bet on and you can try them all out and see which one you like. A good backwards text generator should have multiple options such as:

  • Mirroring the text
  • Simply reversing the order of the words in the sentence
  • Flipping only the letters instead of the words
  • And combinations of these options

That way you can create different types of backward text and ensure that people have to really twist their brains to understand what is written.

2. Input Your Text in the Tool

The second step is to take the text that you want to reverse and either paste it into your chosen tool’s input box or manually type it. Most tools that deal with text have large input boxes where the text can be written or pasted. Some even have uploading options so you can simply upload a Word or TXT file as well.

 Input Your Text in the Tool

3. Run the Tool and Copy the Output

Once the text has been entered into the tool, then you need to run it. If you have chosen a tool with multiple modes for writing backward text, then you need to select a mode first.

After selecting it click on the “confirm” button or whatever it is called in the particular tool of your choosing.  The text will be written in reverse and the output will look something like this:

Run the Tool and Copy the Output

Copy the reversed text as you will need to paste it into another tool later to convert it to handwriting.

4. Choose a Handwriting Converter

Handwriting converters are tools that can make typed text look like it was written by a human being using a pen. The text is even placed onto an image of paper and placed within the margin lines. It looks really convincing and natural.

To find a good handwriting converter simply Google the term “handwriting converter” and a slew of tools will show up.

Choose a Handwriting Converter

Then you need to take your pick from the lot. Some features that good text to handwriting converters have are as follows:

  • Multiple page types
  • Multiple pen types
  • Different handwriting styles
  • Changeable text size
  • Download and upload options

Try out different tools and use the one that you like. Although you may not find many variations in handwriting converters.

5. Paste the Copied Text into the Tool

When you have selected an appropriate handwriting converter, then you need to paste the output of the text reverser into the input box.

Paste the Copied Text into the Tool

Just ignore the underlines that signify errors. We already know that backward text is against the rules of grammar.

Handwriting converters usually do not require any confirmation to start, as soon as you write your input text, the output is shown in a separate box alongside the input.

6. Backward, Handwritten Text is ready

At this point your handwritten backward text is ready. Handwriting converters usually have an image as the output. So, you can download it and print it if you need a physical copy.

ackward, Handwritten Text is ready

The picture format is typically PNG as it is more lightweight compared to JPEG format. Now you are free to do whatever you wish with the handwritten reversed text.


Backward text generation paired with handwriting converters can be used to have a bit of fun with your friends and family. You can make them surprised and impressed by making them believe that you write backward.

This does not have any practical applications other than writing a bit of secret code and sending messages to others in public channels without having the contents read by unintended personnel. Of course, even that is not reliable as some people are able to read the backward text quite easily.

Anyhow, those were six easy-to-follow steps that can be used to create a handwritten version of the backward text.

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