How To Wear Jewellery Without Feeling Self-Conscious

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In the past, men proudly wore golden bracelets, earrings and multiple rings studded with precious stones as a symbol of status and wealth. It was not uncommon to see a king or emperor draped in shimmering finery from head to toe. In this day and age, you hardly see such lavish dressing among men, especially powerful, wealthy men.

If you step out with your jewelry showing out, you might be viewed as a show-off or a wannabe hip-hop artist. Society doesn’t seem to be as enamored with bejeweled men as it once was. So how do you wear your jewelry confidently as a man without drawing judgmental glares? Here are a few tips:

A Fashion Revolution

Change is in the air and has been sweeping through the world of fashion over the past decade. Previously, it was unthinkable for men to be seen in anything pink.

But today, celebrity male athletes are frequently seen in pink sport’s shoes. Even the world of hip-hop has embraced the color that didn’t go with the bravado usually associated with this culture. Whereas apparel was made to conform to male, female or unisex categories strictly, clothes and accessories are now designed with a genderless appeal.

Styles initially considered too risqué to be worn anywhere beyond the fashion runway are becoming more and more accepted.

Men are freer than they ever were before to express themselves through their clothing and choice of accessories. It is now more important to wear a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident than it is to conform to the fashion norms imposed by society.

For instance, this trend has seen even the corporate world shun its treasured suits. The telecommuting imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic only served to accelerate this trend.

Some of the unstated rules in men’s jewelry are:

  • Wear jewelry that is in proportion to your body size.
  • Prominently worn jewelry, especially earrings, has been considered feminine in the recent past. Jewelry items such as pearl necklaces are rarely ever seen on men.
  • The men who wear earrings are mostly seen in the studded kind. Few men were brave enough to wear hoop earrings and wore the smaller variety that stuck close to the earlobe.
  • If you must wear jewelry, wear items with a distinctly masculine design. But this norm is being upended by the modern man who will wear whatever looks good and feels comfortable to him, even if it is feminine.

Guilt Free Style

Here are some ways you can begin confidently wearing your preferred style of jewelry without being overwhelmed by a feeling of self-consciousness.

Start Inner Circle  

Introduce your jewelry to your close circles first before taking it to the street or your workplace. As you gather feedback on your choice of jewelry at that house party or family reunion, you can decide if you can confidently proceed with the look or go back to the drawing board.

Be Discrete

Another strategy you can use to build your confidence in your style is to introduce it to those around you in bite-size pieces. Start by wearing the simple, more discrete version of those indian gold earrings before going all out with the full look. By the time you show up in the earrings you wanted to rock, your friends or colleagues will be used to the idea of you in earrings.

Leverage Layering

Feel less self-conscious by layering your jewelry. Instead of wearing a single ring that will stick out, you can get rings for multiple fingers on both hands. Or, instead of a single bracelet, wear two or three of different sizes.

Complimentary Accessories

A similar idea is to pair your jewelry with other accessories which have the same color or are made of the same material. If you want to try out a gold bracelet in a formal setting, shop men’s rimless glasses online to have a complementary accessory that will fit with that setting.

Look Out For Number One

As you introduce your newly bejeweled self to the world, remember the most important opinion is your own. How do you think you look, or how do you feel when you wear that ring or that necklace?

If it looks good and feels comfortable, you need to rock your new look with confidence no matter what others may think. The more confident you are, the quicker they’ll get used to the new you.

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