How to Upgrade Your Marketing Tools Now


Are you finding that your marketing campaigns are not attracting the size of audience that you anticipated? Marketing your business in 2016 requires you to be on top of your game. Don’t stay in the past with outdated software, sluggish broadband services and traditional word of mouth techniques. Follow these four essential tasks to ensure that your business is not only up to date, but as enticing and on point as it can be:

  1. Update your Businesse System and Software

Are you using the latest Operating System (OS) for your Windows (V10), Apple (OSX) or Android (6.0 Marshmallow) device? If not, an outdated OS can seriously slow your workflow and database accessibility through slow responsive rates. Additionally downloading or installing new software on an old OS system can freeze your computer as it may be unable to cope with larger file sizes or new types of documents. Bearing this in mind, frequently updating your business software including document services (Office 365) and video conferencing services (Skype), can allow you to access the latest available tools such as new fonts, apps and service integration.

  1. Utilise Video Conferencing Services

In order to effortlessly communicate with clients or even remote working staff, video conferencing services enable you to communicate and market your services with ease. Video marketing services in 2016 enable app links and software integration, such as the use of Microsoft Office 365 or the Adobe suite.  This allows you to communicate and share meeting material through real time communication, wherever the location.

  1. Use a VOIP Phone System

Utilising a VOIP system with a trusted provider, such as Gradwell Communications, allows you to manage your business communications professionally, without the need for a secretary. VOIP can even be connected to your video conferencing system, such as with Skype, where outside participants can phone in and join your video conference to contribute.

  1. Run a Social Media Management Tool

Content curation through a service such as BuzzSumo, allows you to spread your message accurately and simultaneously across more than one social media system, through a simplified management portal, or webpage.

These four marketing tasks can aid you in modernising your business, attracting an increased audience, spreading the word about your business and allow quick and reliable communication with staff and clients. In 2016, ensure that you encompass video conferencing, social media management and up to date business practices, to grow and expand your business.

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