5 Super Useful Tips on How to Set Up the Best Booth at a Trade Show Exhibit

5 Super Useful Tips on How to Set Up the Best Booth at a Trade Show Exhibit

People barely talk about trade show displays on the internet. And the ones that do talk about them hardly share any important information about their exhibit booth and trade show display in general. That is because they do not want to let in others on their well-designed approach to dominating these events. 

However, studying various trade show exhibits will give you a good idea regarding the whole thing. From the way they display products at their respective stalls, to how they design the graphics, there is a lot to learn about the art of setting up a trade show booth. 

A lot of it has to do with the approach you take to set things up, what kind of resources you need to bring to the events, and how appealing you can make your booth. The end goal is to make your stall or booth stand out, which in turn will make your brand or business the highlight of the entire exhibit or fair.

With that in mind, here are 5 super useful tips on how you can set up the best booth at any trade show exhibit.

#1 The More Popular Your Brand Is, the Bigger Its Booth Needs to be

The general people want to see popular brands take bigger stalls and booths in trade shows and fairs. And in most cases, these brands do not disappoint the visitors. This is one of the reasons you will see big brands take up more booth space. 

Apart from meeting fan expectations, the other reason bigger brands and businesses take up more space is to showcase their dominance. In a way, they are making a statement through their gigantic booths and stalls. They try to make their presence felt among their competition and often intimidate them.

The area you take for your booth depends on how popular you are, and how much money you can spend on this. Smaller businesses also try to take more space so that they can introduce themselves properly in the market, and let prospective customers know of their presence.

#2 Get Creative with the Booth

Apart from shrouding the booth with your company colors, you should get creative with the other visuals too. That includes the arrangement of the stalls, tables, product showcases, and so on. The posters, brochures, or whatever it is that you have at the tables should also look appealing. Using images that reflect your business identity is crucial. 

You will see many businesses putting up LED TVs at their booths to attract more people. Try doing that if you have motion content, ads, or infomercials you want to show your customers. Tech businesses use TVs to showcase their products and demonstrate how they work. You too can take a similar approach with it if you have enough room in the booth. 

#3 Have Stuff that People Can Take from the Booth

This can include anything from company brochures and posters to yearly reports or magazines. These will inform your potential customers about what they can expect from your company, how you do things, what are your achievements, and so on. In a way, you are advertising to them through these things. 

You can also include badges and pins with your company logo. They are sure to wear it or at least have it with them from time to time, and that will help promote your brand.

#4 Have Games and Other Activities at Your Booth

Engaging with the visitors is of utmost importance at these events. That is why you should have a few games or other activities in your stall. Get more creative if you can with these games by incorporating your products with them. 

For instance, if you are promoting a pencil brand, you can ask customers to write or draw something on paper with your company’s pencils. They can then submit their work with their contact details to maybe win a prize or a discount.

#5 Arrange a Call-to-Action at the Booth

You are done showcasing everything you have at your stall to potential customers, and now comes the time to reel them in. Ask interested parties to sign up by providing you with their contact information. 

You can later use this data as leads to reach out to them later on. Some might even buy products from you on the spot if you are selling anything. Either way, use the opportunity to generate leads and identify those who are likely to purchase from you.

That is all you have to know before you set out for your next trade exhibit. Make good use of these pointers, and you will surely see the benefits of doing all this.

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