How to Quickly Pack for a Move?

A family packing up stuff.

Moving is always stressful. But there are a few tips that can make packing and unpacking easier. Using them will save not only time but also your nerves. There are a lot of moving companies in Brooklyn but your task is to choose the best one.

Tips on Wrapping and Packing Things

When collecting dishes, wrap each item with newspaper or bubble wrap. This will protect fragile items from chipping. Put the plates in a pile, laying them with paper. Do not take a newspaper, so as not to wash the dishes from black marks later. You can save a little time and lay plastic between glass plates. They are no worse than paper and will save the dishes during transportation.

If you have old sheets or large pieces of fabric, you can wrap mattresses or furniture with them. This will protect them from dirt during transport. You can also use film. Packing materials can be thrown away upon arrival.

Before you start collecting, stock up on colored markers. You will need them to label the boxes. Choose your color for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. And even if you can immediately unload the boxes immediately in certain rooms, there is no way, in the future it will be much easier to disassemble things “by color”.

Large garbage bags are ideal for packing things. Clothes can not be removed from the shoulders. It is enough to make a hole at the bottom of the bag for the hanger hook and put it on top like a cover. You can tie a knot at the bottom so that things do not get dirty. Upon arrival, it is enough to remove the bags and hang the clothes in a new closet.

It is also convenient to pack tablecloths, bedding, blankets, and pillows in bags.

Do not put away boxes “with unnecessary things” in the closet thinking that you will unpack them later. Believe us, you will not unpack them! They will stand there as a dead weight and take up space in the apartment.

Therefore, if you have such boxes, then consider whether it is advisable to immediately take them to the dacha or put them in storage. Or maybe it’s easier to eliminate these things altogether and not waste time on packaging.

Top 3 Lifehacks on Moving

We collected 3 life hacks for you that will help you survive it easier.

  1. Lists rule the world – if it helps you, write everything down. Better on the phone, to keep going.
  2. Move on vacation – yes, it is so dreary that it is very risky to combine it with work or study.
  3. Get boxes – you will need them for things. You can ask the post office and they will gladly give you unnecessary boxes.

If your belongings are ready for transportation, then we advise you not to look for carriers using dubious ads, but to contact trusted logistics companies. In this case, the safety of things during transportation, unloading, and loading will be guaranteed to you.

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