How To Purchase The Right Air Filter

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The comfort of your home starts with having the right HVAC system. An optimally functioning system will ensure that your interiors are cool and comfortable. That’s why you should ensure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally. Inspect the air filters. Ensure that they are working properly. Purchase the right 14x18x1 air filter. Use the following tips and tricks to purchase the right air filters.

Right Size

There are different HVAC systems on the market. They come in different sizes. Thus, it’s important to determine the size that suits your home. Consider the area to be covered. You should also consider the thickness of the space.

To make your air filters more functional, ensure that there are no gaps around the frame. That’s why you should get the right size. Check the side of the filter. You will see the size number on the cardboard frame.

According to experts, air filters come in different thicknesses. Usually, filters come in thicknesses ranging from 1-4. Choose a filter within this range. Preferably, choose a filter with a thickness of one-inch space. Before selecting your air filter, check the requirements of your system first.


The market is filled with different types of systems. Each system offers different performance levels, maintenance requirements, and efficiency. Generally, new filters are more efficient than old ones. Plus, clean systems are more efficient than clogged ones. The durability of these filters also differs from one type to another. Common types of filters on the market include:

  • Disposable fiberglass—The disposable fiberglass filter collects bigger particles like debris and dust. These types of filters cost $1-2 dollars per unit.
  • Disposable pleated—The disposable pleated air filters are versatile and capable of picking large and small based particles. Thus, it can pick particles like mites, spores, etc. These filters tend to cost more than their disposable fiberglass counterparts.
  • Disposable electrostatic—The disposable electrostatic filters are charged, which helps them to pick smaller parties more efficiently. On average, these air filters can cost around $10.
  • Permanent electrostatic—The permanent electrostatic-based filters come with charged fibers. However, they don’t collect a lot of particles.

Minimum Efficiency Value

Different air filters come with different efficiencies. MERV is used to gauge the performance of your HVAC system, especially when it comes to trapping air particles. Generally, most systems are rated from 1-13.

Changing Your Filter

Clean your filter regularly. If you use a disposable unit, change it from time to time. Don’t allow particles to stick to your air filters. Don’t allow it to get dirty. Change it. Go through the system’s manual before changing it. Get a new system from the right manufacturer. Don’t forget about proper installation. Choose the correct rating. Compare options out there. Reading reviews will also lead to you the correct filter.

The Bottom-Line

Purchase the right air filters. Get your filters from the right brand. Consider factors such as MERV rating, size, and type when buying your air filters. Use the above tips and tricks to select the right air filters for your home.

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