How to Promote Collaboration in the Workforce

A happy workforce is one that works together.  When all departments can effectively work as one it creates a much happier and healthier environment – as well as one that’s much more productive.  In this article we discuss how business owners can promote better collaboration within the workforce.

Creating the Right Organizational Design

The first thing you need to do is ensure you have the correct operational model within your business. If you seek organization design consulting services from companies like On the Mark who have 30 years of experience behind them – they will be able to put a strategic and operational design in place that will create team structures that will perform at their optimum level.  Taking advantage of an organisation design consulting service could be the first step to creating a workforce that collaborates as they should. 

Shared Inbox Software for Teams

You need to have the right technology in place to promote collaboration.  There are some fantastic shared mailbox software’s out there that will allow departments to work together much more cohesively than they do.  Rather than feeling frustrated as an employee as you aren’t sure what other teams are doing or frustrated as an employer – as there isn’t great visibility in what’s being done and by who – this creates much more transparency all round between teams.  Conversations can be easily traced back, it’s much simpler to become involved in a project or discussion and everyone can be held accountable. 

Team Building Days

Team building

Team building days can be a great way for people who wouldn’t perhaps communicate frequently on a day to day basis to get to know each other.  When people are put in a situation where they need to problem solve together, they find themselves communicating in a different way.  The great thing is, your team can take the relationships they have built outside the office back to their office as part of their job.   They are also likely to feel more comfortable with one another making collaboration easier. 

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Getting people together to do a good deed is a great way to work together.  It could be that every so often a team member or department chooses a charity – and host an event or do some sort of sponsored activity to fundraise as much as possible for that charity.  CSR is becoming increasingly important within organisations. 

Promotion of Innovation

Promoting innovation is a big thing in any company.  You always should be forward-thinking and have a vision of what you see yourself as becoming.  Why not include your team as part of that, and create a collaborative culture.  If there is a problem at the workplace, even something like a parking crisis, why not present it to your staff, and ask they find a solution in teams.  You will be amazed with what they could come up with when they collaborate with one another.

Collaboration is key to a successful and effective workforce, especially if there are multiple departments within your organisation.  Hopefully these tips will have your team working better in no time. 

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