How to Open a Home Warranty Plans Business?

Home warranty businesses are flourishing in the United States because of the kind of services that they provide—easing the financial burden of homeowners. Home appliances and systems are under constant gradual deterioration, eventually rendering them non-functional. Their cost to repairs and replacements aren’t cheap either, making homeowners leave their damaged appliances to languish around for years. Worst still, their day-to-day routine also gets disrupted. These are the reasons why homeowners in America tend to protect their homes with home warranty coverage. So, to open a home warranty plans business is quite a lucrative option for budding entrepreneurs. 

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Starting a business can be an arduous task, and is even more so without the right guidance. As a newbie, you might have questions like what is covered under a home warranty, how to start a home warranty company, how much do home warranty plans cost, or just how does a home warranty insurance work? So, if you have any plans on starting one of the best home warranty companies, make sure to check out these tips to get started!

Start with a Business Plan

The first step in establishing any kind of business is to create a business plan. And it is no different when opening a home warranty plans business either. The business plan will provide a framework, direction, and prepare you for any future contingency. 

Nowadays, you can make well-organized plans using business planning software. With these, you can make thorough and accurate plans that will act as a strong and fortified foundation to your home warranty business. 

Evaluate Your Competitors

The level of competition makes or breaks your business. Hence, market research of your business competitors lets you strategize the right moves to take your home warranty business to new heights. Some of them have been in business for over 40 years, like American Home Shield, so a careful study is needed to seize that share of the pie.

Gain Insights from the Professionals

To make your home warranty plans business a big success, you must know its secrets. And there is no better way than to get them from individuals who are already into the business. However, not many business owners make their success strategies privy to ambitious beginners, especially if they happen to be in your neighborhood. 

What you can actually do is ask regional home warranty business owners outside of your geographical area to give you information that is invaluable to your emerging business. They will be all the more ready to provide great advice since they wouldn’t see you as a threat to their business. 

Benefit from Acquired Home Warranty Plans Business

The fastest way to reap profits is to acquire a home warranty business. The company would already have built a reputation and created a brand name, thereby making it easier for you to acquire customers. 

Acquiring an established business can be costlier, but in the end, the results are greater. You will have access to a big and loyal customer base, and resale value.

Franchising is Another Option to Make it Big

In a franchise, the company would have already spent a lot on the marketing efforts, thereby building a strong reputation and a customer base. You would only have to concentrate on the operations part of the business, and the higher-ups will manage the rest of the business activities. Since a name already has repute, you would have no problem in attracting a large number of consumers.

Happy Customers Mean a Successful Business

The success of your business depends on the satisfaction of your clients. If you can provide stellar customer service, something better than your competitors, your clients will be inclined to remain loyal to you. Superior customer service is a great way to set off the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Many smaller home warranty companies have grown quickly solely due to this factor. 


Starting a business is a trial and error affair. So, follow these great tips to open your home warranty plans business and make it the best home warranty company ever! If you would like to get a sneak-peek into the different kinds of strategies, policies, and business offers implemented by leading competitors, visit

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