How to Manage Working Full-Time While Studying for Your MBA

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For many budding business students and entrepreneurs, studying while working is the only way to afford your degree and gain experience in the business world. A master’s in business administration can help with taking your career to the next level and gives you the knowledge to think about starting your own business. If you are planning on, or already are earning your MBA while working, here are some simple ways to make your life a little easier.

Get Support from Work

Often, businesses will support their employees to further their education, especially if they are wanting to help you climb the career ladder within your business. This may mean they give you time at work to study. If you can afford it, you may be able to cut down your hours slightly to ensure you have enough time for work and study, as well as having a social life. If your work cannot support you but you still want to study, the University of Massachusetts Amherst MBA allows you to study completely online. This is great for those who cannot take a day off to go to campus, meaning you can study anywhere you have a computer and internet access.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The best way to ensure things are done on time is to plan well in advance. If you are one for procrastinating, a plan can help set you straight. For those working and studying for an MBA, you have a lot on your plate and organizing your time can honestly make the world of difference. Buy a diary and include your working hours and when you are going to set time aside to study or complete coursework. As well as putting work into this diary, make sure you set some time each week to relax and see family and friends. Making time for yourself amidst everything else is important for your mental health.

Get Support from Others

If you have other things going on in your life such as children that you need to look after, or work are not supporting you as you’d hoped, try and find support from others. Talk to co-workers, as a lot of them may have been where you were at some point. Perhaps they’d help you with your caseload when you have a lot of coursework due in, or they may be able to offer advice when you are stuck with coursework. If you are struggling with your MBA for whatever reason, the university is always there to offer advice and support too. Check out these great tools to prepare you for your studies.

Working full-time and studying for an MBA means making sacrifices. Getting an MBA can really boost your career in business and give you extra knowledge to do your job more efficiently, therefore sacrificing time for yourself will work out for the best when you have completed your degree course. Try and get your job on board and find support in others, and don’t forget to plan!0

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